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August 28th, 2014 at 9:11:22 PM permalink
Quote: mustangsally

Quote: NowTheSerpent

Quote: AceCrAAckers

Double D This bet does not work on the come out roll.

This would turn me off as a player, since you could miss up to three doubles through come-out

Having played the All, Tall and Small Bonus bets and getting those slaughtered on a come out 7 and having to bet again and again not even having any chance to win

I think you might get mad too at all the 7 winners that would kill the DD

which would make you more madder than hell?


I understand that this bet, if left working could lose on a come-out seven, no doubt about that. But one of the reasons that Vegas leaves Hardways on come-outs is the fact that much more stands to be won if a Point sets hard than lost if Big Red rolls instead. So, I think it's an a fortiori argument in favor of come-out working the Double-D, since it's better to lose $1 on the Hannah Highway than to lose $10, $50, or even $250 playing it "safe", watching a Craps parade that you can't march in.

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