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January 1, 2011

February 6, 2022


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The difference between zero and the smallest possible number? It doesn't matter; once you cross that edge, it might as well be the difference between zero and 1. The difference between infinity and reality? They are mutually exclusive.



Livonia, Michigan

Gaming software architect

Playing texas hold-'em with the minimum buy-in all night long, and running up 100 flights of stairs while doing so. Disc golf Ultimate frisbee (YES I STILL play) Writting code

1) Joker's wild, Henderson 2) The Fiesta, Henerson, MGM Grand, Detroit

Texas Hold-'em, Craps, and some of the games I created like RouleDice

The money tray

Obey the golden rule - do not harm any animals or other people. Give your spare money to hungry people rather than hungry casinos. You can't win in the long run anyway, so why not be a little generous along the way? Play Disc Golf... check out PDGA.COM



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