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July 23rd, 2017 at 8:01:32 AM permalink
I have a casino game idea that I will be patenting in the near future.

My question concerns online casinos and game patents.

Land based, brick and mortar casinos are straight forward, you apply for a patent in a country and your idea is protected in that country.

For patenting your game idea for online casinos, do you need to get a patent for each country where the online casinos customer is based or do you only need to apply for a patent where the online casinos server is located?
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Misread your original question, but I'll leave this. Getting patent protection in many countries is expensive - I have no idea what happens when the user is in one country and the server is in another.

Yes, you need to have a patent in each country for protection (I'm 95% sure about this statement). You can file in each country independently or use the PCT (patent cooperation treaty). PCT involves filing an application with WIPO, then using that filing date to file in whatever countries you want to. In the US, we call them "371" and/or national stage applications because the law is under 35 USC 371.

I am totally not a lawyer.
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I am a lawyer but not one specializing in patent law. That being said I believe ahiromu is 100% correct. At least that is exactly the way I understand it as well.

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