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April 1st, 2012 at 3:11:43 PM permalink
They let me play the promo last week on Thursday, even though
I had been a player's club member several years ago.

At the players club, they checked my records and said I hadn't
been there for 4 years or so, which sounds about right. This
might be on a case by case basis, the lady didn't say.

The promotion is up to a $ 200 loss rebate, where you get 1/2
of the amount right away, and 1/2 after a few weeks to be used
on your next visit. Slots and VP only. They said I would have a
year to use the 2nd half.

There may be some restrictions on which machine you are
allowed to use the rebate at.

I played some of the higher denom VP initially, and then used
the first half of the loss rebate on either a 99 or 98 % Dueces
Wild paytable, playing 5 x quarters ( I know it was 15/9/4/4/3/2/1,
but I don't know if I looked carefully enough to see if the Wild RF
was 25 or 20 ). I was a little dissapointed to only cash out
with $ 60 of the $ 100 rebate, but such is life...

I'll probably play the same game on the other half of the
rebate when I am back this summer.
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