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Quote: HugoSlavia

Vpfree2 shows full pay Pick-Em available for quarters on 17 machines at Fremont, but points are probably earned at only one-third the usual rate.

Don't think so.
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Quote: Hunterhill

They still have full pay pickem in Ct ,Niagara falls and Windsor that I know of.

So that would be Niagara Falls ONTARIO = No, but Niagara Falls NY = yes. I think.
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Quote: cspell

I'm new to VP and have been playing 9/6 JOB but after seeing the odds of full pay Pick-Em I decided to try it.
I'm curious what you all think about the better game to play? Given the odds of hitting a royal are better in JOB, I'm wondering if it's better to play versus the better overall odds and variance with Pick-Em?

I am pretty new myself. I have some information on this and I believe other members can help us more. A couple friends who play told me this. They said that everything is computerized now. This means that even the employees at the Players Club can see what you are playing. They see that your playing a 99.99 game or a 99.54 game. They can also see if your playing a 97.5 game. The Casino Host can see this and so does marketing. You might want to experiment with 10000 coin in on different games and see what kind of mail it generates. This is what I have been told. I haven't tried it but I do feel tempted.

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