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Thursday morning I was up early once again, headed right down to the casino and the full pay VP machines. Same story as the rest of the trip. Proceeded to drop about $100. Deuces can be volatile, and I know strategy pretty well for this game. Still, disappointing to continue to feed money into the machine and have nothing to show for it.

On to the craps table. It's probably around 6 a.m and I'm the only one there, which is just fine with me. I continued to use my strategy and continued to win, again starting with my typical $300 bankroll and leaving an hour later with $205. So my craps play alone was up about $500 for the trip. I promptly gave some more of those winnings back with about an hour's worth of play on keno (when will I ever learn?) and slots. There were some wins, but the losses cancelled them out and a lot more.

I usually make a point of visiting the Steiner's Pub on S. Las Vegas Blvd. for lunch during my trips since I love their club sandwiches, but having had the big club at Carnegie Deli the previous day, I went to PT's on Sunset for their grilled cheese sandwich which I've enjoyed in the past. Several types of cheese, hot peppers, bacon and egg. I ask them to hold the egg, but the sandwich came out with no bacon also...sigh. I was so hungry I just said the hell with it and ate it. Had a nice big bowl of ice cream for desert, but I think I've paid my last visit to PT's. What's the point if you can't get a grilled cheese sandwich right?

Once more back to the Orleans. I visited this place at different times of day and except for early morning, they seem to have a pretty good crown around the craps tables (usually more than 1 is open after 10 a.m.) I am surprised by this because although it has low minimums, it also has only 3-4-5 odds, which is near the bottom for most off-strip properties. I hung around the table for about half an hour observing before getting in the game. Played very conservatively and quit up $47.

Also at the table was an elderly gentleman and his son, who I guess was in his 60s. Struck up a conversation and found out that his dad would be turning 100 soon. Apparently they visit the Orleans frequently, the dealers seemed to know him and kidded about taking him to a strip club when he hits the century mark. I've met all sorts of people at the Orleans tables. During this visit, one asshole kept staring at me after I left the game and was just observing, like if I wasn't playing I was somehow disturbing the game. But I'll consider that just a one-off. Most of the people I've met have been cool and had some interesting stories.

The keno machines at The Orleans weren't any better than the others I tried during the trip. More money down the drain. Video poker here isn't much better, no full pay games that I could find.

The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful. I headed over to GVR once again because I can never leave Vegas without a Fatburger. We don't have this chain in Cbus, and I really enjoy grabbing one and a diet coke and taking it to the sports book. It's even more enjoyable when you watch the Indians win, which they did that night. No money on them though.

Back to Sam's, and since my luck has been so good, back to the craps table. My luck holds, I pick up another $70 and now I'm over $600 at craps and actually up for all my gambling on the trip. 20 years ago (hell, 5 years ago) would have celebrated at a strip club, but I'm getting to old for that stuff. Don't wanna embarrass myself by falling asleep during a lapdance.

My flight home Friday didn't require me to be at the airport until 4, but I was up early again and back at the craps table. My luck couldn't last for ever, and it came to an abrupt end at Sam's that morning. One other person at the table and it didn't matter whether he or I held the dice. The routine went like this: Establish point, roll 1 number, then 7-out. Repeat. In no time I drop $270 (I always try to walk away with a few chips). That's craps. It happens. Sometimes I've gone 4 or 5 sessions without a profit. But for the trip, craps has still been profitable.

After heading back to the room, getting ready to leave, checking out and taking my bag to the car, I decide I'll try again. Bad decision! Quickly lose over another $150. Still up for the trip, but not by much.

One habit I've gotten into om Friday's in Vega is heading to South Point and Baja Miquel's for lunch (forgive the spelling). The food is good, the people are tripping all over themselves to be nice to you and you can get out for less than an arm and a leg. The bean dip there is about the best I've ever had. The beef quesadilla did not disappoint. Even though it was lunch time, the place was not too busy, so I could take my time eating and read the papers. The wait staff kept the iced tea coming, never had to ask for a refill.

Had a couple hours to kill so I decided to once again play some VP. The machines here are OK...good NSUD and 9/7 DB. Actually made about $15, one heck of an accomplishment for this trip.

Craps at the SP are not the best...2x odds only. Nonetheless, I decided I couldn't leave town without trying to change the day's luck. The shooter turned out to be lucky and I left up $73.

So for the trip, I left up over $250 at craps and lost only about $200 overall, one of my better outcomes. That includes one winning sports bet, on the SA Spurs in game 7 of their opening playoff series.

Flight home to Cbus was not full, had a nice tail wind and arrived early. Not a bad way to end.
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I agree with the South Point - Baja Miguels. Their lunch special can hold your for the day. Also, we have sat at the bar and ordered the chips with salsa and bean dip. Good snack!

Craps is not good here at South Point because the double odds and the dealers are often snarly. They do have a nice inventory of VP.
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If I'm not mistaken, I'd think 6am would be prime time for Sam's Town. I rarely go there, but from what I've heard, it's all old people. Old people tend to be up all early and whatnot. Seems odd it wouldn't be standing room only at 6am. Or perhaps they were already done playing for the day and went up to their rooms for an "afternoon" nap.

The bean dip at Baja Miguels is top notch.
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[Put this on the Sam's Town review page but the formatting is different so it looks like cr@p. Plus there's some "had a few drinks" swipos so I'll try again here.]

2/24/19 Just some updates...

I don't know if it was the Wizard's review that got them thinking, but the showerheads are now flat and stand 5' 10" above the ground...
...and the room TVs are now 40" flat screens. Unfortunately for the Wizard, the mattresses are many things but "firm" isn't one of them.

Craps: four tables, 20x odds, All Tall/Small side bet.

Blackjack: lots of tables including Super Fun 21. All hit soft 17. All have Pair Square side bet. Some also have Royal 20s.

Fortune Pai Gow Poker: with progressive

Ultimate Texas Hold'em: with progressive

Deuces Wild (table game): with progressive

Let it Ride: with 3 card bonus pays 3-1 for flush, and with $1 progressive.

Three Card Poker: Pair Plus pays 3-1 for flush.

I could not find 9/6 JoB VP anywhere. I did find a bank of full pay Deuces Wild, however, near the south entrance. All these machines are clearly labled that no rewards will be earned while playing them.

Edit: The roadsign loudly proclaims that its BJ tables pay 3-2. (True.) While driving across the desert to get here, there was a Hardrock billboard proclaiming the same thing. So maybe there's (market force) hope for 3-2 after all.
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Have you tried 22 tonight? I said 22.
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well if they say 3:2 they should be paying that, even if they hit on soft 17.
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