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Now that I think about it - you could probably count that side bet, or more simply, use whatever count you want, because more ties occur in higher counts.
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Quote: JB

I think you have your logic backwards. With a 10-to-1 payoff for a push:

If the push rate is 8% the house edge is 12%
If the push rate is 9% the house edge is 1%
If the push rate is 11% the player edge is 21%


You are correct. I was going the wrong way. 9% is probably correct.

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The figure should be slighly lower than the 8.78% quoted in Wizzard's sims for Net win = 0.
Net Win=0 would include in addition to pushes cases where you split and one hand wins and the other loses and also additional situations in more than 1 splits.

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