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Quote: Wizard

I've played in two craps tournaments and took first and third place respectively.

The last roll is where it gets complicated but I mainly like place bets. However, you also have to consider your position. If you're in early position, a competitor with more chips can simply bet the same thing you do and stay ahead. If this is the case, then you'll have to make your move before the last roll when you act after the chip leader.

Are you allowed to do that; making bets just before the roll, or is everyone required to bet at the same time? The former sounds like sniping on an Ebay auction.
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Dealt it before..its basically a big dick swinging contest lol
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If you have to have a bet in action at all times, a minimum bet on the pass line or don't pass is almost the same as not betting at all until you are ready to make your late move.
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