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Quote: prozema

Does the frequency you log on to the casino players club web site to check offers make any difference?


Feel free to check as often as you like

I have heard of one casino which logs ip addresses and locks cards if multiple accounts are accessed from the same computer. That's a security issue and wont affect what you are doing
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Quote: boymimbo


Take a look at your win-loss for last year and you might have a good idea of why you are not getting much in the way of offers.


The "not for tax purposes" statement for 2017 at the casinos that just started offers again show a win of $220 at one and a loss of $385 at their sister property across town.

The casino that continues to no mail me shows a win of $3,600.

What do I get out of that? There is no breakdown by game.

PS... All these numbers are way off from what really happened.

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