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September 12th, 2016 at 7:06:34 AM permalink
I've created a new thread as various Jackpots seem to be appearing.

I saw this one, although I've not yet had the time to analyse it, presumably based on the first four cards at Baccarat. The table has numbered seats with the normal lit button to indicate whether you've made your £1 bet.

The paytable is:-
Suited Quads matching your place number
£1000 + meter
Suited Quads
Other Quads
Any Trips
Any Two Pairs
Suited Pair

I'm assuming the Pairs don't have to be each side having a pair, but rather that there are matching cards amongst the four
The meter stood at £11,032.80 when I was there.
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September 12th, 2016 at 9:41:04 AM permalink
The Grosvenor promotion. The biggest problem with it, beside the odds, most who play Baccarat are Chinese who like to touch the cards, you aren't allowed to in this game (well not locally, in fact they haven't got it up and running as of yet due to technical issues).

I think if you get a pair (any pair), you get paid 3/1, whereas betting for a pair normally you get paid 10/1 at a minimum upwards to 30/1. They ran the exact same side bet option with BJ for 4 Aces, went to over £100k, never looked like being won so they had to modify the rules to get rid of the cash before the end of financial year. I wouldn't play it, I've never seen 4 of the same rank and suit, never mind matching seat number in over a decade of paying the game, plus you would burn through £70 per shoe.

Whoever is thinking up these ideas at Rank needs to think again, ditto the recent Banker streak bonus, which netted me £3.5k over five separate Sunday nights plus a new TV. It was hinted they they are licking their lips over that, as it resulted in not a single new player during or after the promo.

They were running a £5 free roulette competition, which I won for two nights, the place was empty so not much competition, dragging poker players to the machines for a free go, More free money, it was suppose to run until Oct, but management canned it after my consecutive wins.

I asked about the odds for this here;

Gentings in Man are running an interesting longest B streak promotion for the moon festival month, competition runs weekly, so 5 draws in total. Three highest banker streaks each get paid £8888. Last week one person got a 12 banker streak and got paid £8888, 4 players ended up on 10 banks, so shared £17776 between them.

It's difficult to get a foothold because locals (husband and wife teams working shifts), stake the place out early in the mornings (less competition) and play non-stop for hours flat betting the Banker.

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