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If you could introduce changes in Sports Book betting, what would you change and how? How much do we need middlemen?
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In the UK there are on-course bookies, so off-course ones can offer odds based on the latest show (which is now calculated by a computer linking up to the leading racetrack bookies). It also enables there to be an "SP" Starting Price. Also sometimes the high street bookies will make bets on course to reduce the prices, known as "office money". However with online betting, e.g. betfair, it's easier for track bookies to see trends and alter their odds accordingly.

Where there isn't any on-course betting, e.g. big US races, the Arc, then they use the "Industry SP" which is based on the average of what the high street bookies are offering.

I haven't been to Las Vegas for sometime but felt their Sports Book halls were very good, albeit boards with so many events to bet on. Luckily you don't have a race every five minutes, which over here might be horses, greyhounds or virtual racing of all types.
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