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Quote: Sabretom2

Stick to architecture Mr. Vandelay and leave the equine medicine to the professionals.

I did rescue the whale that had a Titleist golf ball stuck in blow hole. So I do know a thing or two about large animal care.
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Quote: artvandelay

I did rescue the whale that had a Titleist golf ball stuck in blow hole. So I do know a thing or two about large animal care.

I guess Titleist is the #1 ball among sea creatures too?
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Well now, young & apparently very healthy uninjured Baffert horses suddenly dropping dead (usually while sleeping or at rest - as is characteristic of complications of certain "informal & unapproved" athletic performance enhancements) and specifically doing so of the very kind of *ahem* highly unusual peculiar cardiac event just mentioned, is certainly not a new or surprising thing or something that requires a lot of esoteric post-graduate academic study to be able to note. It has in fact been very publicly noted and discussed in detail and widely disseminated for public consumption in the published report by the State governing body and their lead investigator, who happens to also be the head of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, among other things. And to make it really super easy I have even linked to some of that official published information from the State governing body (which mostly tends to view themselves as promoters of their State's badly foundering racing business) previously in this thread. And I would guess that the number of gamblers here who'd ever bother to even look at it probably amounts to some number less than "two."

To each his own, with his own moolah, but I happen to find it pretty strange that anyone would ever think of betting any actual money of their very own on any horse "trained" by one R.A. Baffert without considering his informal "veterinary" practices. One might think that by now even the most casual and impulsive wino racetrack mope would eventually want to take some kind of notice of itty bitty little details like the recent investigation of the seven dead horses and the extraordinary necropsies and examination of toxicology and "treatment" records the State conducted after the stench created by so many suddenly dropping dead in his barn. The words in the readily available quite publicly published results are not so very big that they couldn't be understood by someone with even a public high-school level education. Both the words printed in black type, and the obvious implications that are so very clearly left to the spaces between them.

But no, gamblers be gamblers, fans be fans, with magic golden monkey or without, and there are always plenty of such folk who can't be bothered with trying to think about pesky stuff that makes their furry li'l heads hurt. But one thing there is no real room left for doubt about at all is that the racetrack performance of any animal sent out by Robert A. Baffert on any given day is likely to have little to do with the intrinsic ability of the actual horse. Betting on him while ignoring that fact amounts to nothing different than buying slightly horsey-themed scratch-off tickets. Do so if you like, but know that's what you're doing, and don't ask anyone to help pretend otherwise.

The kinds of owners who are still willing to send stock to him know it, everybody in and around the business with two functional brain cells left to rub together knows it and has for years, and anyone who doesn't choose to know anything about it is simply deciding to be the most clueless sap at the track in any race he's entered. Which is fine, I guess, I have nothing against clueless degenerate gambler saps, if said sap feels that they get their money's worth of entertainment by being that, and so long as they don't think they are entitled to be regarded as anything else but a sap or a shill.

I gather there might be a subtext in that exchange possibly involving one of those weird sock puppet or longstanding emotionally disturbed troll things going on that the WoV forum is pretty much known for attracting and endlessly nurturing above all else. I don't care. On the substantive & topically relevant merits of the matter, it is what it is. In the case of a Bob Baffert horse, it is not the horse. And it is pretty damn reasonable if some do choose to be a bit concerned about what it does to the horse in the process of making his doughnuts.
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