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December 21st, 2016 at 7:05:34 AM permalink
Wizard of Odds does not have a CLEAR strategy on criss cross poker. I was doing some thinking and would like someone's input so we can make a clear strategy for it.

He has down and across strategy
If the hole cards are unsuited, unpaired, and the largest one is five or less, then fold.
If the hole cards are suited J/Q or any pair, then make the large raise.
With all other hole cards, make the small raise.

He gives no middle strategy. It got me thinking about other poker variations, and I would like someone to run the math on this idea:
1. Raise 3x on mid pair or higher on either across/down
2. Raise 3x on four to a flush on either across/down
3. Raise 3x on four to an outside straight on either across/down
4. Raise 1x on low pair on either across/down
5. Raise 1x with at least 6 points across all shown cards
Points are determined as follows:
Card Values
High = J to A = 2 points
Mid = 6 to 10 = 1 point
Low = 2 to 5 = 0 points
6. Fold everything else

I separated each idea to my middle strategy by number, so maybe a few of these are the correct play. Hopefully we can all together figure out a guaranteed correct way to play the middle bet.
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