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May 3rd, 2012 at 5:28:46 PM permalink
I am taking Creative Cause and Gemologist on top of several others for my exacta. Of course, I have never picked a derby winner and have been betting it since 1979, so feel free to toss my picks hehe
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Not knowing a horse from a crystal balls say Union Rags.
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Since I can barely tolerate Mint Juleps, I'll be having the Rachel Maddow recommended Stinger instead. And after I have the first, them I'll Have Another.
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Creative Cause was 1/2 length behind a 42-1 pace setter in the SA Derby at the stretch call. He finished 1/2 length ahead of the
pace setter. Sure not my kind of horse for a Mile and 1/4. Taking a shot on Gemologist. He has reached the wire first every time so far.
I know I know, who has he beat? Not his fault nobody showed up for the Wood Memorial.
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If I had to pick....3-4-15. Good as anything else I guess. I always like Borel in big races....not that it matters what I think.
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I'll Have Another!
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Quote: DeMango

I'll Have Another!

Mario Gutierrez, the 25-year-old native of Veracruz, Mexico is the jockey in his first KD race.
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Quote: StingMe

While I'll Have Another might not have what it takes at 1 1/4 with an entire field of good talent, I still fell really good about getting him at 220:1 in January...

My long lost cousin StingMe! You don't know me...and I have a feeling you're going to keep it that way.
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May 5th, 2012 at 4:53:42 PM permalink
I freaking win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best day EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????
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Congrats StingMe! Thats incredible. I can't pick a horse on the day of the race let alone 5 months ahead of time. Congratulations!

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