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I was at the local Native American Casino yesterday, 6X points on a holiday promo...only 3X points for VP! I played the many varieties of VP on .25 cent machines, max bet $1.25 for around 4 hours. I got close to 10,000 points by the time I left. 3 or 4 4OAK's, No SF or RF. I lost $100 for my session. 8/5 JOB machines, a little BP and DDB

I'm mainly writing to ask what is the fascination with Video Keno?????????? The sheep seem to be totally enthralled with it. .05, .25, $1.00 denominations are packed with players, usually hogging the multi-game machines that I like for VP.

I just don't get it. This is why I need my iPod while playing VP, that constant sound of the plunk, plunk, plunk from the keno balls dropping makes me crazy!!!
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As a professional Keno Player, let me tell you that fascination is the proper word. Why you need only attend our annual televised three-day event, The World Series of Keno and see all those gorgeous women throwing themselves at the feet of the world's best Keno players to realize how fascinating Keno can be. Since I play Keno for a living, I have to play both Live Keno and Video Keno so I am expert in each! Live Keno with its forty percent house edge can be great. Its kind of slow, but you can bet as little as one dollar a game and its great fun before the bus-driver from the retirement home shows up to take you back. And you get a free cup of coffee from the casino to boot!!

Now the real action for us Keno Professionals is in Video Keno. Just think, you put up an image of Cleopatra and the machine rakes in money hand over fist. You don't have to pay no licensing fees to use Cleopatra's image. Indeed you better not use Cleopatra's image because she was only thirteen years old at the time, but those Video Keno machines make a mint. Twelve percent house edge and the players get to chat with their neighbors about strategy and even get a freebie from the casino every now and then. The current rage is Four Card Keno with 5 spots. Now I happen to teach a seminar on my super secret strategy where I throw the terms 'edge' and 'overlap' around alot, so you take my seminar and after that I'll let you know why the casinos love slot machine players.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above was intended to be a humorous post. I am regretful that apparently someone took it seriously.
To be precise:
There is no such thing as a professional keno player. The house edge is far too great for anyone to make a living at keno. Ever!
There is no such thing as a World Series of Keno. Since it does not exist, it certainly is never televised!
There are no gorgeous women throwing themselves at the feet of these non-existent professional keno players.
Most of the women who play keno if they threw themselves at a man's feet would need a cane to get up again.
Video keno does have a better payout than Live Keno, but its still a bad payout and it is played rapidly so its a relentless house edge.
I do not teach any keno seminars about a super secret strategy. There is no such thing as a strategy for playing keno. None. All those people who talk about 'edge' and 'overlap' on keno cards are idiots if they believe that nonsense.
Cleopatra was indeed 13 years old at the time she met Julius Ceasar she has been dead far too long to collect royalties on Cleopatra Keno.
Keno is entertainment for people who enjoy giving money to a casino. If you are one of those who enjoy playing against a whoppingly high house edge, so be it.
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For the same reason that people everywhere flock to BINGO - low investment + large prize potential coupled with no thinking necessary.
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That's true for Keno, but there's a lot of thinking going on in Bingo, at least with live paper-based games. I grew up with video games and I have reasonably good reflexes. Yet there are veteran bingo players over twice my age playing 18 cards at a time who can out-daub me. Indeed, of all the wagering games commonly offered in Las Vegas, oft-overlooked Bingo requires the most well-tuned reflexes of all of them. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone who's ever slept a bingo in a crowded game, only to lose on the next ball.
"In my own case, when it seemed to me after a long illness that death was close at hand, I found no little solace in playing constantly at dice." -- Girolamo Cardano, 1563
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At the rate they call out numbers in Hawaiian Gardens, California no one can fall asleep. Nod off for fourteen seconds and you've missed two, perhaps three, numbers.
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The best paytables at video keno return 92-94% (though the latter is rare), so the players at those games are usually getting a better gamble than slot players. Plus, there's the somewhat hypnotic aspect of the bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop....
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I'm not sure what it is either...when I want to play a vP machine, it's always someone on it either playing video keno or mindless 5c vP (1 nickle at a time)
Now, I'm saying I've never played video keno, and I've WON at video keno (I've hit $200-$300 off of a 25c bet), but if I'm actually there to play, you can believe I'm playing vP.
Gambling calls to me...like this ~> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nap37mNSmQ
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Hi fleastiff, I play mainly 4 card keno in tunica and vicksburg and love it. I am retired and can take a little money and have something to do, I have hunted, trapped and fished all my life but I have never had this much fun. I am very interested in you seminar on strategy, I am always looking for something or information on keno. I can play blackjack, video poker ect but I think that they are boring and I can bet with my money (cheap). I have hit some good things one 8 spot several 7, lots of 6out of 6s and have been playing for about 2 years. When my wife retires we plan to move to vegas or some area around their, they have cut the pay tables on vide poker and some keno here (wife hates keno loves vp) maybe I will be able to catch one of your semiars. Punter dad
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I play keno whenever I take a break from vp and I've hit some good progressive jackpots, although not often. It may not be a very smart game to play because of the payback, but most of their jackpots are much higher than the 4000 credits received for a royal flush. That's what makes it fun.
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with the right paytable and a little luck video keno can be a very profitable game. Low risk ,high reward ,where else in the casino can you bet 25 cents and win $1175 for an 8 of 9 hit or $1750 for a 7 of 7 which has slightly better odds than hitting a royal flush in vP where you have to play $1.25 to win a thousand. Do not get me wrong it can be a boring game and you hit long spells between hits sometimes but it is a good change every now and then. I love to shoot craps and Play Black Jack or Spanish 21 but I always play some video Keno and it has been profitable. Who knows with that said I might not hit another jackpot for a long time but my last trip I hit a 8 of 9 with two 6 of 7's for a nice jackpot. Had the 8 of 9 been a nine of nine well that would have just made my year. Its always only if.

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