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I seem pretty talkative today, a lot of posting. I don't use drugs and I don't drink coffee. I dunno, I'm just wired today. I'm a blabbermouth today.

Back in the '80s, two of my favorite sprinters, from Arizona, this is by the best of my memory.

Faro, owned or trained by Corey Owens, and Zany Tactics. I lived in Phoenix for a couple years, ran a poker game when it was the wild west.

If you're a horse nut, then you appreciate the numbers for 6-furlong fractions. If you don't follow horse racing then it probably won't mean squat to you. Anyway, let's just say, 6-furlongs in 1:09 and change is a good horse A very good horse. In 1:08 and change, their hooves are SMOKIN.

So Turf Paradise, in Phoenix, has always been a fast track. But this is ridiculous. Faro, was making some local history of his own. One day, honest to goodness, Faro puts up 1:07.1. Believe me, my old Buick didn't go that fast. Yes, you read that correctly, Faro put in 6 furlongs in 1:07 and 1.


A local horse by the name of Zany Tactics, won the race finishing 1:06 and 4/5.

This I think was the Phoenix Gold Cup. How would you like to have a crystal ball and know your horse, Faro, was going to run his eyeballs out at 1:07 and 1/5? You'd bet everything dollar you could get a hold of. And lose by two lengths. lol

A year later, Zany Tactics set a grass record at Holly Park at 1:07 and 2/5. Unreal!

Year later or so, Zany Tactics is going back to the barn after an easy five furlong workout, hunches, leans over, and dies.
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