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Article, June 1, 2017: Internet Gambling Ban a Losing Bet For Liberty

"Given the way the federal snoop state uses every inch of (unconstitutional) power granted them to take a mile of liberty, the last thing Congress should do is pass legislation giving the surveillance state a new excuse to spy on us -- especially if the legislation also violates the Tenth Amendment. Yet Congress will do just that if it listens to the special interests pushing the Restoration of Americasí Wireless Act (RAWA)."
'Emergencies' have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.
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All I can say is if you can buy a pair of shoes from Europe, you should be able to do your gambling there. Basically the price to gamble should go down, like any other item, and if the states get short on gambling revenue, they charge too much and should lose it. I'm not really proud of how gambling is conducted in the United States as it is, them buckling would be just. Just saw Illinois considering internet gambling, they want 5 years of tax revenue prepaid to apply for a license, dirty as hell to kill competition.
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One of the items of snooping interest is that of the Intel Management Engine buried inside of EVERY CPU Intel has made since 2014 ( and the i3, i5, and i7 series since 2013). If you think the worst of the lot is facebook and google and microsoft, think again. Theres no way known yet to disable IME, and its on-die.

Intel Management Engine

For those who would not delve into geek-speak this excerpt reports the recent security problem. This from the authors at Wikipedia...

"Intel has confirmed a Remote Elevation of Privilege bug (CVE-2017-5689) in its Management Technology, on 1 May 2017.[12] Every Intel platform with either Intel Standard Manageability, Active Management Technology, or Small Business Technology, from Nehalem in 2008 to Kaby Lake in 2017 has a remotely exploitable security hole in the IME (Intel Management Engine) [13] [14]"

AMD is reported to have similar on-die management.

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