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Quote: AlanMendelson

The three DIs I've seen shoot I am sure do well. I can't address all of the DI wannabees.

So then, these three Unknown Bonemen are all true DIs, and they make good money shooting craps, i.e. you are *sure* they do well?

What research did you do to reach this conclusion?

What makes you so *sure*?

That's a bold statement, Alan.

You watched them roll for part of a session, obviously, but what else?

You want us to believe you are an Oracle of sorts, the All Seeing, All Knowing Expert: surely you have some empirical data to impart to us in support of your bald-faced claims?

Or is yours just a poorly founded, snap-judgment opinion based on presumption, superstition and lazy investigative skills?
"What, me worry?"
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Quote: petroglyph

Didn't he own a bar in Billings? I was sitting in either Billings or Great Falls in some bar and was advised that "if I didn't want to fight" not to look like I did.

They would fight over anything, sort of what I here Oz, is like. Just sort of a pastime, must have been the shortage of women, idk. That be because the women have the same disease's the sheep have?

I worked in Harloton [sp] and two dot, it you can find them. I worked on the 500 line from Great Falls to K-Falls Cali. Good times. It is currently 72* on our patio, hows yours?

I never saw the thread where you were inviting everyone up, I thought it was weird Kerke got n invite and I didn't. I thought I would help him by telling him to bring something to dig with.

I'm out drinking tonight. Just walked back over to check my email. Every WoV'er is invited to meet me in Montana. You won't run into a bigshot. I'm a pretty simple person. I've had so many invites to meet the best gamblers in the world to meet them in Las Vegas. Those Vegas lights don't look bright and shiny to me anymore. I had just got to thinking. If they would invite me, then maybe I should invite them. Any of you WoV'ers who take a Montana vacation I would be glad to meet up with you. Depending on how I feel, and with your promise that you are not going to stay here, I might even show you how to make your Montana vacation a profitable one.

This would be my most laughable moment. A moment I get to laugh my ass off. You are a babe in the woods. If you come here and meet me. ...and I march you into a casino and tell you "there's money top be made here" and nothing else. I'm going to get to laugh my ass off while you walk around punching up games and trying to figure out where the money is. Its going to be a hilarious moment. But don't worry folks, I'll just laugh for a little, then point you in the right direction.
"Quit trying your luck and start trying your skill." Mickey Crimm
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Quote: mickeycrimm

It's going to be a hilarious moment. But don't worry folks, I'll just laugh for a little, then point you in the right direction.

Still doesn't make a lot of sense.

On Alan's board, you stated that your tricks work only in the Montana market. And, that you would show Alan, but no one else. Here, where the people in the know are in Vegas, Vegas no longer appeals to you.

I'm seeing a lot of internet posting by a drunk, but nothing concrete. All of which lets me to my so-called ignorance, I suppose.

Hilarious moment, maybe.
Nonsense is a very hard thing to keep up. Just ask the Wizard and company.

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