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Quote: AlanMendelson

Quote: MrV

Quote: AlanMendelson

Of course! They went through all that trouble based on unproven talk on websites.

Lots of crapsters, including some high profile BS artists like Frank Scoblete, made a point of "rubbing the casinos' faces in it."

Why should the casinos waste their time trying to independently prove whether DI works or not?

If a bunch of yay-hoos scream "FIRE FIRE" then the smart thing to do is come running with a bucket of water.

I'm not surprised that this elemental fact escapes you, given the history of your writings on the supject, always searching for false hope.
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Sorry. I just can't believe casinos would go to unnecessary expense, especially based on false rumors.

Casinos would go broke reacting to every rumor.
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The overreactions of some of the casinos regarding DI/DC were not based on just a few rumors, it was based on an all the big hype and the many different sources that were spewing various bogus information. The breaking vegas "documentary" alone would be scary enough to any casino that didn't know better.

With a big influx of people attempting DI, many of those people will sooner or later go on a big run. Just like everyone else, the casinos are going to notice whenever someone starts winning far more than normal(kinda like selective memory) and that's going to cause a reaction. They haven't a clue if those people who are now on hot streaks... just dumped a $h*t ton across the street. They are really only focused on what's happening there and now.

A former craps dealer told me a story about a degenerate "high rolling" craps player(no DI) who always played until he busted out. If he was winning big he would just start betting more and making high HA bets and he stayed longer. On one occasion, he was on a big run and the idiot pit boss backed him off for the day.

You yourself said, there is probably only hand full of true DIs, so that should tell you that the casinos overreacted.
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This place is a handful of casinos just north of the Utah border where
Jack Mormons and vistors to SLC can travel a couple hours from Salt Lake City
thru the barren salt flats to gamble.

The ban by the major Wendover chain, Rainbow/Peppermill/Montego happened
around the time of the cited videos and publicity generated by Scoblete,etc.
At the time, Grand Sierra had no qualms about allowing DI wannabees and
went out of their way to welcome them by being extra friendly.
I haven't been there in 15 years and wonder if current conditions are that
they ban dice-setting in all or just select casinos.

My experience was that they had a real fear of any "advantage"
players and DI was relatively new at the time. Since they were not
anything like a thriving town, IMO they opted for a proactive ban out of
simple caution/fear.

When counting cards at BJ I experienced their changing dealers and then
shuffling the cards quickly to make counting worthless. I was betting
red chips with 1-4x spreads and would/should have been considered a gnat
in other less desperate gambling oases.
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