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I was thinking about this lousy six foot rule and some famous dice games when gamblers focused on bigger things.

I was once present at a craps game when the Box declared there would be two point numbers and the house would pay off on each of them.

And of course there was the famous Benny Binion "go ahead and shoot...your point is fifteen.

Anyone have other examples?

Two point numbers: one baseman had made an undetected mistake,boxman kept the game going despite the rules.

Point of 15? A dice cheat palmed the house dice, threw his loaded dice, but also et fly one of the two house dice. Benny kept the game going because fun and making money are more important than arbitrary rules. Why stop the game and chase the cheater? Keep going ang keep the house edge working.
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On the other hand, this story is about a supervisor/boxman (Jave), not a pitboss.

Jave increased the house edge when he banned a great shooter (Bip) from making the 6-NUMBER-FIRE. Bip had made all the numbers except the six. Finally he established the six as the point. As he was rolling the dice, one die (a 2) hit the wall, but the other die (a 4) missed the wall. Jave yelled: "NO ROLL". (Missing the wall has been a mortal sin in Jave's craps game.) Then Jave ordered the stickman to "skip" Bip and passed the dice to the next shooter (Ed). Ed rolled the dice and quickly made a buckshot-7 out. Jave saved the casino some thousands of dollars.

That's how that casino has been. It gets the double standard aka "cheating" . It unfairly applies in different ways to different shooters. A great shooter is banned from shooing dice when he misses the wall. However, a big old lummox/butterfingers is welcome to shoot anyway he pleases.

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