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Thank you ayecarumba

You are my hero now
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spoofing possibly, though with all the stray signals in a casino environment I would assume all systems have to be toned down.

a reset system is likely, but not a control system.

if you keep your car keys near your front door a thief can read the signal from outside, boost its strength and open your car, but its rare that thieves even know this.
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Quote: darkoz


After several PMs with Axel it may be that the NY AP move is possible due to class III status

We both agree its difficult to determine if thats the case and based on his longer tenure and experience in this matter I demure to his expertise

He also approved me discussing our PMs here

If I got anything wrong in that statement Axel let me know (I know you will)

Itís only the gamblerís fallacy if the trials are independent . . .
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Quote: Wizard

Besides the chips in the dice theory, how does the machine know what sides the dice landed on?

Cameras on top of the bubble.
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Quote: Zcore13

Every slot I've seen is purposely made so there is no chance of slot tech manipulation other that paytables.

Almost every slot tech I have known would be incapable of figuring out any type of workaround. These are generally low paying jobs with very little previous education or knowledge needed to start.


I would disagree somewhat with this. Letís just say itís not the paytables that are manipulated but another area that could be set up incorrectly. I donít want to say anymore on a public forum.

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