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Suppose your at a $10 min table, what is the pass line min bet assuming the total bets made equal $10(such as hardways and horn bets)? And after the come out role what is the Min bet on the come box?
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Limits are per BET.

A ten dollar minimum bet sign means ten dollars as a line bet. Any lesser line bet means its a dealer's toke bet.

Come Out Rolls and Come Bets are always the same rules and same minimums since they are the same bets but are made at different times.

Hardways? Horn bets? Since this is Sunday, let me remind you that you should not be thinking impure thoughts.
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Minimum is for all pass/come/dp/dc/field/place and buy bets. They will let you in for less, for the stupid bets, in the center, cause the casino markup on these bets is outrageous.

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