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Part 1 was here:

As I mentioned in the other thread my shooting ability has always been sub par. Last week I returned from 10 days in Vegas and it seemed for the first 8 that my shooting was worse than ever. Three or four rolls and out. I was starting to get a complex.

I've always been intrigued by the All Small, All Tall, Make 'em All bet. It's been pretty popular since it was introduced, so much so that the layouts have been changed to lower the pay-out. The M-life properties (where it was offered instead of the Fire Bet that it seemed all the Total Rewards places had) changed it to pay 30 to 1 for either end and 150 to 1 in the middle. I almost never play the mid table bets but since I've seen people make this one, I really wanted to do it sometime, and so would bet it on occasion when the dice came to me. But with my shooting this past trip, I found myself hardly ever betting it. In all the times (this trip and prior) I've ever tried it; I only once got to needing one number for one of the ends.

I found myself playing next to a nice chap named Dave at the Excalibur on the second day of our trip. He was betting $5 on all 3 with a bet of one dollar in the middle for the crew. Unfortunately although Dave was close a few times, he did not make any money on it while I was there. Anyway I did like the idea of the extra buck for the dealers and tried betting that way a few times afterward - well only for a total of $4, not $16!

It seemed though that as the days went by my shooting just got worse and worse. That is until about 2 PM on Wednesday December 6th at the Flamingo. I was looking for a $5 table and strolled past this one, noticed it was $10 and turned to go try at O'Sheas (which did have a $5 table going as I found out later). But then I heard a dealer yell "Winner!" and so walked back to the rail to take a look. The first thing I noticed was this table did have the All bets (unlike the usual Total Rewards fire bet). Second was the pay-outs were 31 to 1 and 151 to 1, a tad better than the M Life casinos. So I resolved to play for awhile.

The table was running pretty well for right side bettors and as I waited beside the stickman for my turn to come, I noticed a gentleman at my end of the table to my left, who was making sizable bets including very sizable bets on the mid table long shots and up to $25 on the Alls. Personally, I don't bet all that sizably, nor do I bet the long shots - well except for the occasional Alls, as explained. But he did seem to be winning a fair share of his bets.

So I got the dice, put the $4 Alls bet out, including the $1 in the middle for the crew. I then proceeded to have the roll of my life (only so far, I hope). First and second points were 9 and in the process of making them both, only the 10 was left for the All Tall. As I obviously was making money at this point I did something I rarely do. I put a buck on the hard 10. A few rolls later I glanced at the middle and there was a red chip under my white chip! Sensing my confusion, the stickman explained to me that the gentleman at the end of the table had upped my bet from $1 to $6. Sure enough, a bit later - hard 10 hits!! Everyone is happy and the gentleman tokes me a green in addition to my $31 winnings for the All Tall.

Now I only need a 3 and a 5 for the small end as well as the make 'em all. Up to then I had been betting double odds on my points and had increased my 6 and 8 place bets to $18 each. So I placed the 5 for $10 to "help" it. Again a few rolls later, I glanced over to see a green under my two reds. I knew why that time! So I hit the 5 and not long after, I hit the 3 !!! Gentleman at the end of the table gets paid $3775 and tokes me $100.

I think I did express my gratitude for his bets on my behalf and his tokes, but I'd be happy to do so again if you are that gentleman and are reading this and want to PM me. I'll know it's you if you provide your first name, since it's the same as mine.

Also, Dave, if you read this and want to say hi, I'll know it's you, if you mention the table game we were playing when we coincidentally bumped into one another again that evening at the Luxor.
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