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If you suspect the dice are flats,gaffed, shaved, or bricks alert the crew and they will switch out the dice for new ones. Or you can take advantage of them.
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Quote: Mission146

Why didn't you Lay the Point?

yes, why?

maybe a Lay bet is too difficult to make when the dice are horribly biased, hehehe

just beware
trick or treat!
ha ha ha ha ha

another MLB OVER!!!

+$16,000 on the overs this year and they all still laugh at me!
ha ha ha ha ha
I am laughing too

Lay bets for all!
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I am a big proponent of getting laid.
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Lay every number with a 3-way 7 and a big red (if you max out on 3-way 7) every roll.

I assume you have no evidence (or else it'd be presented) dice combinations (5/2 instead of 7 for example).

Your best bet (if what you're saying is somehow true) would be to not tell people and go exploit their weak dice.
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Quote: Thundershock

Because many times, the 7 was showing up on the first roll.

Oh, so the bias of a shaved die can show up on the first roll but moderate itself on subsequent rolls?
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Sampling is complicated. Too many variables are involved. A robot making the same shots over 1 million times, that sounds more of an appropriate testing.
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Quote: Zcore13

That is a ridiculous claim and you should be smacked with a wet noodle for thinking the short time you played/watched would be sufficient proof of anything other than short term variance or selective memory.


ZCore13, proof can be obtained in many ways. You don't need a million rolls to see a variance from the norm. Another way is to look at the New Jersey Tax Returns for profit margins on craps tables by casino. John Scarne and Frank Scoblete both tell us that the actual winnings at the craps tables should come in at 16-20 percent of the money wagered or else something unfair is causing the variance.

The Caesars Atlantic City craps Win % for February, 2012 was 32.2 % according to their signed NJ tax return.

The Bottom Line is if Caesars can double their monthly profits from 16% to 32%, which they did in 2/12, that is an extra $2 million profit a month just from Craps. So why wouldn't greedy corporations use unbalanced dice to their advantage over most unsuspecting casual craps players, especially those who read Heavy's or Wizard's board who mostly live in theory land and say there is no such thing as biased dice.
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So where's the CP data?

Does anyone have even one or two thousand dice throws, so we can view the number of times each face of the dice showed???

Too much conspiracy nonsense and not enough real data.
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Quote: Bohemian

John Scarne and Frank Scoblete both tell us that the actual winnings at the craps tables should come in at 16-20 percent of the money wagered or else something unfair is causing the variance.

Well that's odd. How did they arrive at that? Are you sure you understood it correctly? Because if that's so, then apparently something peculiar and "unfair" is happening to the dice all over Nevada. To everyone, players and casinos alike, depending on where you happen to go in any given month.

According to the most recent Gaming Revenue Report of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board (which is available RIGHT HERE) for August 2014 almost none of the geographic regions reported a win percentage that was neatly within that range, and neither did the State as a whole. For example in downtown Las Vegas the win was 21.31% and in Elko it was nearly 23%, while in Douglas County it was about half that at 13.06% and on the Strip it was only 13.52%. All these are aggregated numbers of geographic areas that include multiple locations and companies, so it can be expected that they will actually be closer to long-range expectation than smaller and therefore more highly variable samples limited to only one property or company.

Is there something very different about shooting dice in the desert than near the sea? Methinks there may be a significant misunderstanding of what is a realistic range of likely expectations for a given small sample size of a single casino or small group of them over a short single month time horizon.

A useful principle to bear in mind: Hanlon's razor

Quote: Bohemian

The Caesars Atlantic City craps Win % for February, 2012 was 32.2 % according to their signed NJ tax return.

Does NJ report casino revenue much differently than many other jurisdictions, including Nevada? Because I'm accustomed to looking at Nevada and some other jurisdictions' reports in which that property specific information is considered proprietary and is not released to the public in that form, except as aggregated among multiple licensees by geographic area as in the report I quoted from the NGCB linked to above.
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I love caps player's. They know the dice are "obviously bias" yet they refuse to bet different then they normally would. They would rather complain than make money. Talk about commitment.
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