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Quote: WTflush

Doesn't the majority of youtube ad revenue come from people actually clicking on the ads? I'm pretty sure the average pay for an ad view is a tiny fraction of a cent. I doubt Slotlady is making more thank $2k a month, $200k is not even in the realm of possibility.

When you have a popular channel YouTube puts "leader ads" at the start of your videos. These leader ads are typically five seconds but if you have a very popular video (example: watch a live feed on you might have to watch a 30-second ad. Also, these ads don't have a "skip" option. These are the big moneymakers for both YouTube and for the owners of these YouTube channels.
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Quote: Alec

Dealers don't typically ask me about why I don't play the side bets, but it does happen on occasion.

In their defense (unlike the players), they are likely just trying to promote something that is profitable for the house.

I actually started a thread about this a couple of years back. I think it is a combination of factors that make the dealers ask about side bets, including promoting the more profitable (for the house) bets. But I think the most compelling argument, which I hadn't thought of, was that people are more likely to tip bigger on a big win. And, since the side bets will often have large payouts, the dealers assume they will get bigger tips when they hit.
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