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Quote: Tanko


I don't think I've ever understood that clip about 'full retard'. I think that entire movie went over my head for some reason.
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Quote: ZenKinG

Maybe I could learn to be a bit more civil without losing my cool and typing aggressively. It is what it is at this point. I really dont care what people have to say about me. Never have and never will. If anything it just fuels me.

Precisely, you like to goad people into thinking and talking about you and don't much care what it is they have to say just as long as it is about you. Retard, full retard, half retard it doesn't matter.
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Quote: ZenKinG

Funny, but you know whats even funnier? People attacking my credentials such as yourself and somehow having some type of need to talk down against me when I did nothing wrong to anyone while also having a very successful counting career after over close to 1300 hours. Yet im the bad guy and the one who is wrong even though all I try to do is help everyone with suspicious procedures, legal advice, health advice, etc. Thats the definition of hate and jealousy, but im used to it, nothing phases me anymore.

Maybe it's the way I type and sometimes people misconstrue my writing style with arrogance or not respecting other peoples opinions. Maybe people think that I think im perfect and that annoys them. Im obviously not perfect and I never said that, no one is, even though im pretty close lol. There's also many people smarter than me on this forum, but of course being 'smarter' is subjective on what that actually means, but in terms of mathematical concepts, gambling math, etc., im far behind many on here and appreciate all they offer.

Those who have met me know im a good person, i honestly just get very passionate about certain subjects at times and let loose. Maybe I could learn to be a bit more civil without losing my cool and typing aggressively. It is what it is at this point. I really dont care what people have to say about me. Never have and never will. If anything it just fuels me.

What's funny is how you conveniently forget the many, many times you have insulted the people on here, and/or the forum itself.

You don't just complain about the casinos, or the backoffs, or the apartments, or the hundred other things you complain about. No, you set us up as your strawman enemy which you. will. show. That we're all ignorant drones. That we're all against you, but you will prevail anyway.

You "did nothing wrong to anyone"? Are you kidding me? You bring any negativity on yourself - I figured it was just to motivate yourself to get through the hard times. But you're lying to yourself if you don't realize it's YOU throwing people's friendship and interest back in their faces.

Nobody's saying you have to be puppy dog friendly or anything other than who you are, but, geez. At least have a consistent understanding of who you are, or how you come off.

And yeah, love and relationships are possible for most people, without being totally self-serving. In fact, the most common feeling of love for everyone I know revolves around caring for someone else's happiness or well-being more than you care for your own.

This is why guys throw themselves on live grenades - for their foxhole buddies. This is why a guy will step up to a bully getting into his girlfriend, wife, mother, physically less capable buddy. He's not looking forward to the pain of getting slugged, even if he wins out - he's looking to protect someone he loves.

I don't know if you're capable of that. I'm guessing either a) you did and that person burned you bad, b) you haven't met that right person who inspires that in you yet, or c) both.

If you're not capable of it, you're in good company, even on this board - there are others like you. But it's worth your knowing that about yourself. And if so, it's a lack in you, not a strength. Life is much richer when you allow yourself to love.
If the House lost every hand, they wouldn't deal the game.
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yeah but did you guys ever run sims as to whether love is +EV? thought so sheeple drones
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Quote: djatc

yeah but did you guys ever run sims as to whether love is +EV? thought so sheeple drones

Itís +EV but the variance is through the roof.
The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong; but that is the way to bet.
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What's Love Got To Do With It.

Tina Turner
♪♪Now you swear and kick and beg us That you're not a gamblin' man Then you find you're back in Vegas With a handle in your hand♪♪ Your black cards can make you money So you hide them when you're able In the land of casinos and money You must put them on the table♪♪ You go back Jack do it again roulette wheels turinin' 'round and 'round♪♪ You go back Jack do it again♪♪
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Love is -EV. Divorce rates last time I checked are at 51%. You're losing 2%. Then the woman tries to come after you for child support and these droned out judges make the man pay more often than not.

No matter how much religion and society brainwash you that theres love in relationships and finding the 'one', nature and instincts always win out. Proof is in the data. If youre in a young relationship and the other persons arm or leg gets amputated god forbid, youre lying to yourself if fidelity issues or a break up wouldnt happen. Now the counter argument would be the many people that stick together when this happens. Yeah go ahead and tell me the age of the ones who stick together after that happens? Are they or are they not mostly 50+ with several kids and probably dont care for finding another partner at that point? But even with that said, I bet they're having an affair on the side as well. Just how it is. That proves that people in relationships really at the end of the day or not really only care about their own self interests.

To babs, no I've not been burned by anyone, I just used my brain to think critically as life has gone on and seen whats going on around me. Marriage clearly isnt natural and goes against our instincts to procreate and keep the world going round. Besides divorce rates are only thiz high because people have been brainwashed by society and religion to think that cheating is such a bad thing. If people just realized its completely natural and instinctual, then more people would live happier and more fulfilling marriages. Less pressure or fear of what their partner is doing, more open dialogue, more freedom, and a stress free marriage. If more people understood that, the divorce rates would be 1%. Not to mention if more people adopted that care free attitude to relationships, it would take away the power of someone wanting to cheat. Its psychology 101. The person will be less inclined to cheat when you basically tell them you dont care if they do or dont.

It's the same thing with the drinking age and why there are less automotive deaths in Euope than America for teenage drivers. The drinking age is less in Europe than the drinking age in America, but yet more American teenage drivers die on the road due to drunk driving? How is this possible? It's because of psychology. You give people the power to do as they wish and they do less of it. You try and restrict people to do as they wish and they're more inclined to do the respective act in question. Find me a psychologist charging you 500 an hour that can tell you what I've just told you above.

Regardless, why is it so bad if someone cheats in a relationship anyway, but its not bad when they were messing around before they got into a relationship with you? Its the same thing, they got involved with multiple people, the only thing that's different is that your ego is hurt. Remember what I said about being in a relationship for your own egotistical self interests? Im not saying everything I said is who I am as a person, just informing everyone how nature was intended and why divorce rates are at all time highs and higher than the ones who stay together.

Damn, Im honestly so ahead of my time.
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Any private business open to the PUBLIC (ie. droned out casinos) cannot have a criminal trespass enforced against an individual without GOOD CAUSE (Disruptive or Disorderly conduct). You will never go to prison for being thrown out of a casino for legal advantage play and then returning because it's simply unconstitutional 'as applied' to the individual. 'As applied' constitutional issues must FIRST be raised in DISTRICT COURT (trial court) to have it thrown out. You CANNOT raise it on APPEAL This is the best kept secret in the world of casinos not just in Vegas but everywhere in the country. Thank me later.
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Quote: AxelWolf

Was Zcore the dealer? ;-)

Not to my knowledge. I remember the dealer very well, It was back in 1995 at Turning Stone.
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You extinguish the lurker in me Zen, and perhaps that is good, likely irrelevant. But I see in your rage against injustice a lot of myself. The following is truly, an unbiased attempt to shed some light.

Our fiat, worthless paper, is simply how the world functions at the moment. And seriously, is gold much better? What does gold provide when meeting basic needs of food, shelter, etc? Gold will be just as worthless. What we truly have of value is food, water, and skills to provide the basic necessities; be it farming, baking or cobbling.

One is not a drone when he/she recognizes the system for what it is, and then leverages the accepted currency for personal, societal or familiar gain. As much as we may feel a sense of empowerment, or perhaps superiority in our knowledge and their falsities as the basic tenets of society are concerned... this does not change the basic tenets as they exist.

A worthless, in the micro essence, currency will for the time being provide security, yet thinking long term, has no true value. Whereas, self sustainability with water, power and sustenance in the macro world view holds much more value. Which do we seek to leave to our offspring? Recognizing both the needs of the current situation as well as the possible future incarnations?

It is no great feat to see much of our existence as it is today as, pardon the expression, bullsh!t. There is no genius in this. Where genius exists is in both recognizing this and hedging perception against reality.

You ZK, are no more so ahead of your time than any other ideologue that has come before you. This is what we are called. You could be vastly advanced if you can turn that knowledge, drive and ambition into worldwide change for the betterment of society. Succeed where incredible minds including Pallast, Chomsky, Solnisky and their like have catastrophically failed.

Introduce a kharma based system of weights and measures, prove that personal wealth is unequal to societal importance, and renovate our biased system... or exploit it... your choice... who are you?

What you, as all youth, fail to recognize, is the system is inherently rigged. Fight and more than likely fail as an ideologue, accept and assimilate as you so pronounce drone, exploit as an AP (which you claim to be), or shock us all, and redefine the parameters of society along a new unheard of paradigm.. of course you may continue to rant and rave on a relatively obscure board, touting your self conceived superiority over the masses... yet have no doubt, there thoughts are neither original nor life changing.

And hey- find someone to love.... even if unrequited, love is awesome... and beyond that, take a moment to be thankful that members such as Axel, Mickey, Monet, RS, KJ (okay some former members here) and their like have given of all their knowledge, experience and expertise to assist in your success.. in this you are truly blessed...

So ZK, here you are, 25(ish) in possession of a modest (massive, or minuscule depending of your point of view) bankroll- utilize it, leverage it towards your life goals.. or rage against the drones... your choice....

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