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Counting strategy that is the best combination of easiest and profitable. Designed for the typical large off-strip Las Vegas casino: ok rules (house edge of 0.5%), with bad penetration. Almost any Station's or Coast or similar property. My idea is it comes close to the same profits as a hi-lo system with much less mental calculations, less volatility, possibly less heat

Working title is RCO (running count only): against a double deck, bet one more chip for every increase in the running count, so the bets would be structured like this:
running count of +1 or less: $5 (one red)
+2: $10 (two reds)
+3: $35 (two reds, one green)
+4: $60 (two reds, two greens) -- true count must better than +2 and already a 12-1 spread
+5: $85 (two reds, three greens)
+6: $110 (two reds, four greens) -- not all that uncommon and now a 22-1 spread
+7: $135 (two reds, five greens)
+8: $160 and so on

The obvious advantages over using a true count is that the count is always out in front of you and there is no, "divide by 1.25." Strategy becomes easier: Always stand 16 v 10 and 12 v 3; insurance, 9 v 7, 12 v 2 all at +4; 15 v 10, split 10s, and double 10 all at +6. And that's it

Another potential advantage is when trying to make money a typical count on these games you don't get much time at the table: show a big bet and walk away. Whereas with this it might take a bit longer to show a bet over $100, more time can definitely help with comps to help make up for any lost value. I estimate it could be worth up to an extra $10 per hour in both hard and soft comps ($20 total) if you know how to hustle the system.

The first question is how does it compare to other counts that are far more accurate? The other big question how much heat would there be as you spread from red to more and more greens?


I though this up when trying to come up with a way to learn hi opt 2 with an ace side count for double deck. Why not just start by just keeping a running count, and only switch to a true count once I've mastered the first part? Then add in a true count once I've mastered that part. Some of the ways to increase an edge are far too much effort against all these 55% pen games. So if the casino does something to take away the value, would it be possible to figure out a way to use it as an advantage?
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Why not just use an unbalanced count? They do away with the need to convert to a true count?
Constantly jumping from $5 to $110 or $160 in a double deck game is akin to wearing sign on your forehead, in my opinion.
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