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I know I shouldn't play at a table that gives 6 to 5 on a BJ but what is the best table to play that gives the house the lowest advantage? Single deck, double deck? Dealer hits or stands on soft 17?
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if it existed- single deck, dealer stands soft 17, BJ pays 3:2, resplits, double down any pair, double down after splits, resplit aces, hit on split aces, and late surrender allowed.

You wont find that liberal of rules though, as its actually a little advantagious to the player more then the house.

the best edge for the player that you actually have a chance of seeing might be something like:

6 decks, dealer stands on soft 17, player can double after a split, and can resplit (up to 4 usually), double on eany first two cards, early peak by the dealer (keeps you from loosing more then just your original bet), and blackjack pays 3 to 2....and maybe, just maybe, youll see them offer surrender with this list of options. But even this is on the far fetched edge of realistic with a house edge of about 1/3rd of a percent.

Also another thing to consider, if your wanting to do basic strategy and not count cards- an autoshuffle machine that keeps the cards continuous adds an additional small edge for the player.

The casino I play at the house edge is 0.66%.

Check here for more/other options and see how they change.
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El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas has single deck, dealer hits soft 17, BJ pays 3:2, resplits , double down any pair, no double down after splits, no resplit aces, only one card after split aces, no late surrender allowed.

Last time I checked this was the only casino with single deck games. Look at the blackjack survey on this site.

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