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This post is an inquiry to the proper strategy for certain juicy promotions, one of which is mentioned here, the triple down promotion for those familiar with the thread.


To quote the wizard on that thread:
"1. 6 decks.
2. Dealer stands on soft 17.
3. Double after split allowed.
4. Surrender allowed.
5. Re-splitting aces not allowed.

Before the triple-down rule, I show the house edge is 0.35%. After the triple down rule, the player edge is 1.53%! "

another promotion mentioned was blackjacks pay 2:1 on certain days with a player edge of 2.375%, mentioned here.

One of the players who was actually there, and I believe the Wizard also said at some point, that it would be smart not even count but simply play as fast as you can to get in as many hands per hour as possible. I totally agree with this sentiment because if something like either of these promotions ever occurs again, I would definitely be playing for 24 hours straight, probably more considering I'd be there a few hours early for a good seat.

On to my question - - Suppose you were flat betting 100 dollars in the BJ = 2:1 example. If the player advantage was 2.375%, how much of an advantage would be gained in play variations from the I18 indices from hilo? What about only counting insurance? I was thinking that since you are flat betting, it is possible that the insurance count might net you more EV. I'm sure someone knows the answer from a regular blackjack games perspective.

The Too Long, Didn't Read version : how much of a % gain do the play variations I18 alone get a card counter, assuming flat betting? how much of a % gain does the 10-count or the insurance gain you?

Thanks for anyone who took the time to read.
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