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From DJTeddyBear in a post about the longest craps roll at the Bogata in Atlantic City. He was referring to people there saying, that no one at the table even seemed to know how to play etc.

Well you know I was thinking and talking to several people at the casino the last few days at work and some of the biggest wins are from those that know little about gaming or as I like to say, the occasional and irregular-regular patron.

Take it any way you desire but I see lots and lots of wins of all types. Little wins, average wins, large wins and really large wins where the really large ones I classify are over six figures.

Iím in the casino 40 to 80 hours a week in my career chosen profession. I am witnessing payouts, walking people to their vehicles with large sums of cash that was won, enforcing CTR compliance for those that refuse to identify themselves with the handling of large money either losing it or winning it, enforcing bans and trespasses, large winners becoming out of control and very obnoxious, the list is huge but those are examples and it is all based around large sums of quick money. Those are just some samples. Iíve seen it all and I have to say a good amount of it comes from people that are either losing a lot of money or have won a lot of money.

And those that have won a lot of money thereís basically three ways they handle it. This goes back to that lady with 180 throws at the Bogata in Atlantic City and what was said by dealers at the craps table.

1). Some will just take it and you never see them again.

2). Some return every week or multiple times during the week trying to re-create their wins and win larger amounts and they give it all back, every single last penny of it and then they are aggressively spend their own funds attempting to replicate what they won in the first place.

3). Some (not many at all) will go back to their pre-win gambling type of playing and never expect to replicate that one time deal, but those are probably the least compared to the first two.

And the ones that have won larger amounts of money (referring to the highest majority of them anyway) I donít believe in my own opinion, they are on forums or theyíre doing research or anything else most really think they should be doing to possess the elusive advantaged player knowledge so many claim.
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