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Just returned from Pearl River Resort in Mississippi. I will have a full review posted later.
We wanted to play Pai Gow Poker but that game had just been recently removed, so we decided to concentrate on 3 Card Poker. We like to play the Pair Plus in addition to the ante. Held our own Thursday night with my wife getting trips twice. Held our own again Friday with each of us getting a straight flush. I got up early Saturday to play before golf. Sat down and lost 7 or 8 straight hands and cut my bet in half. 4 hands later I got a straight flush! Returned to my regular bet and put nickles on the ante and the pairs plus for the dealers. Next hand is a straight, next hand is a flush, next hand another straight and then a pair. Each time I repeated my tip bet. I was real popular with the dealers then! About 6 hands later AKQ of hearts!!! The next half hour continued way above average. I went up to the room to put winnings in the safe and let my wife in on our good fortune. Still had some time left before the tee time so I returned to the table. Most of the same people were still there. First hand is a flush. Next hand is another flush! The third hand is trip tens!!! It really pained me to leave that table, but I was there to play in a golf tournament and had made a commitment to my team. I need to mention that this is the first time I played 3 Card with a $1 progressive bet. Yes, I know it is a terrible bet to make. Trips pay a $90 bonus, straight flush $100, and the mini royal $500!!!Saturday night and Sunday morning were ice cold with everything we touched but we still managed to return home with more than triple our bankroll!!! All in all, a very good trip.
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Congratulations, that's a great set of cards!

One of the worst things that ever happened to me was a 3 day run at 3 Card where I started with a bankroll of $500 and ended with a bankroll of $6000ish (a little more). That run included two straight flushes and back-to-back trips (at 7 o'clock in the morning). Over the next 4 years I've had more than 30 sessions where I've lost $500. I should have learned up front that it is far more common to get dealt J-9-4, 7-3-2, Q-6-2, over and over and over.
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