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What was the worst betting system that you have ever come across that someone else swore by and honestly believed in?
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I belive i would say all of them as they are the same with negative expectation - no difference at all.
Is a jungel of variations - but it boils down to the same thing - there is no positive expectaion.
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Quote: gambler

What was the worst betting system that you have ever come across that someone else swore by and honestly believed in?

I'd vote for sitting at 3rd Base in BJ and making the wrong play "so the dealer busts."

AJ is right in that all systems have the same expectation in that it comes down to dollars bet * expected value. But I find this worse since you willingly give up a better play.

The only bigger waste of time is trying to convince someone that plays this way how silly it is.
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I guess the worst, or at least the most insidious, is the Martingale because it's easy to apply and simple to remember.
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I once had an incredible run of luck on a quarter single line slot - No big wins, but continually hitting $50 up to $200. Played it for about an hour and people around me began to watch. When I cashed out, one woman asked me what time my run had started since "they set these to pay out the same time each day"!!!! She wanted to be sure she was on this machine the next day at the "right time".
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For sure the Martingale (doubling your bet when you've lost). Every gambler will stumble upon it some time. The tricky thing about the Martingale is that it seems to work. The first sessions at roulette where I used this system were always winning ones. You get the feeling that you're invincible. Until the day comes that black hits 15 times in a row and you're run out of money...
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All betting systems are equally worthless.
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Googled worst betting system and found a site saying the Martingale was and it explained why in great detail.
And then it had this to say LOL
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Some guy playing craps at the Western who has some weird hedge system involving the Don't Pass, Any Seven, and Crap Checks -- he has the worst betting system in the world.
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