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To much of my surprise, they treat their promo chips like cash. You canít redeem them for cash but when you use them in the pit, itís considered same as cash. Meaning if you win, you get paid with regular casino chips and you still keep your promo chips. All the other casinos, whether you win or lose, they take the promo chips. And at the Eldorado, you can use them for their side bets and even put them on a number on roulette. The other casinos they can only be used on even money bets. But I donít think you can put them on any progressives. Who cares. Damn generous in my opinion.mThey have been getting more action from me the past few months because of this. I current receive $240 a month or $60 a week from them. I barely gave them any UTH action in the past and they give me this much! Not sure what the potential is for loyalty but Iíll guess Iíll find out over time.
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Golden nugget is the same.
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