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Any idea what kind of revenue they're expected to be pulling this time of year? I can't imagine it to be more than 1% of their annual per week at this time of year.
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Quote: Venthus

Any idea what kind of revenue they're expected to be pulling this time of year?

In general, all of the Ontario casinos together made a profit of 1.37 billion in Canadian dollars for the year ending 03/31/2017, see page 73:

I didn't see it broken down by casino site.
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Quote: coilman

Here is Saturdays write up in the Windsor paper about the casino workers wages ..... lets here the remarks these wages get here

That's a really interesting pay chart at the end of this article. However, I think since the readers here are majority US-based, it's important to translate the figures to USD for our comparison. Currently, $1cn =.78USD, and it's been in that range for a couple if years. So, roughly 80% value in USD.

I don't know comparable US salaries for casinos specifically. But $23.xx/hr (US) for AC and electricians is right about average for CONUS. Range I saw was 21.xx to 24.xx on average, depending on the survey source.

Other salaries (dealers, housekeepers, bartenders) were better than I expected to see, even when translated.

I'm sure I don't know what the strikers' issues are, or what the general area pays. I do know their petrol, liquor, and cigarette prices are significantly higher than the US (in general ), so their money probably doesn't go as far.

Does anybody know whether CET owns this property, or are they hired as a third party to brand and run it? An example of the latter is Harrahs Cherokee. I would have to think it's more expensive to hire them in.
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Caesars just manages the joint. It's is owned by the government of the province of Ontario (through the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation).
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We were there 2 summers ago I believe. There were signs up that they may strike. Has this been in dispute that long? Or is this a new dispute?
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I liked the temporary joints there better. The old art gallery and then the Northern Belle boat.
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I liked the temporary joints there better. The old art gallery and then the Northern Belle boat.

I still have these.

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Thanks for this post from:
April 8th, 2018 at 4:58:44 PM permalink of the big things is they keep outsourcing jobs.

Just closed up Artist Cafe which was run by casino employees and the trend is to lease out the space to some other company to open up a food service ... one staffed by outside workers off the casino payroll

now inside the casino is a Tim Hortons outstide workers a Johnnie Rockets burger place outside workers new place just recently opened upstairs near the hotel check in called Spago's which from what i hear has very good food Italian place...they have a very successful place about a mile from my house and now in casino too

the buffet downstairs quality has gone down hill yr after yr to the point now you can go eat in there almost anytime without waiting in any sort of line up..... almost like they wanted to run it into the ground so they could close it and get rid off all those cooks wait staff bartenders dish washers and on and on ... only time i would go to eat there is if its free and by free I mean a comp... if a friend asked me to go eat ON THEM and they were paying I would suggest somewhere else where the food would be better and cost a whole lot less...its really that limited the choices now and all the food is basically ordered ready to heat up stuff. If this were to close it would easily be 100-200 jobs gone

security basically scans the id into the system of anybody they check at the door.... anybody under 25 is asked for ID ..... u allow somebody in under age you are going to either get fired or a suspension ...cameras are used to track the under age person back to the entrance they got into the casino at to see who to suspend or fire

a few weeks ago went to pick up my mother who was there playing with a friend that was in I was walking out past the security check point I noticed a group of guys standing there at the railing watching all the young people coming in .... just past the security check point the off duty windsor police officer they have working each weekend night was leaning on another rail i asked him if the alcohol inspectors had any luck tonight .... he laughed and asked how I knew they were the alcohol inspectors ? said what else could they be, those kids dads? they were watching to make sure the security guys not only checked all ids but didnt allow any that appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in. if they did they would be suspended or fired by the casino after the casino was ticketed for the violation.... all the security guys know all these alcohol inspectors as they are in there all the time and there are only a handful of them in the city

those wages in the charts notice the ones in the $11 of Jan 1 2018 the minimum wage in Ontario is $14 so a bunch of them got HUGE raises of over $2 a hr because of that. Thats part of the problem too since you can go anywhere now and earn $14 ..... so people that have been there for 20 yrs making $15-16 a hr is a joke
i think people felt these jobs were suppose to be middle class type jobs and they have been falling behind each year with small raises while everything has been going up

profits wise the past year has been a very good year at the casino....without knowing the profit I can say that because the city of windsor just got their cheque from the Casino for $10 MILLION for hosting the casino....I believe thats a record amount let me find the write up

when they opened the casino it was sold to the people as being great paying secure jobs yada yada... well the numbers have dropped year after year to the 2300 Union workers plus all the salary folks thinking it used to be over 4000

and now so many of those jobs are part timers or casual workers

just to give you a idea $20 a hr job is what $42,000 a yr lets say

here is whats taken off

Total income$ 42,000
Federal tax$ 3,959
Provincial tax$ 1,917
CPP/EI premiums $ 2,603.....this is canadian pension plan and employment insurance deductions
Total tax$ 8,479
After-tax income$ 33,521
Average tax rate20.19 %
Marginal tax rate20.05 %

union dues likely are another $400-600 more in deductions

now expenses
gas is running around $1.20 a Litre....there are 3.8 L to a US gallon thats $4.56 canadian for a US gallon or $3.45 or so US $ per US Gallon

my plates are due to expire the sticker for 12 months is $120 six or seven yrs ago is was $65 or so
car insurance in Ontario is very high too

food costs lets just say I go shopping just outside detroit every other week basically it costs me $10 Can in tolls to travel back and forth via the tunnel

last monday i went over to the Walmart 15 minutes away from downtown Detroit and bought
10 gallons of milk.....$11.70
36 eggs........$1.32
10 cans of corn $4.40
8 loaves of bread $7.36
2 lbs of bologna for $4 total cost was $29 US just under thats $39 Canadian or so

the milk in Windsor would have cost $ 44 Can
eggs would have been $3
bread .............$16
bologna would be $12

oh this was mine ,my brother, my sister and my aunts supplies ... guess who gets to pay my tolls

gas worked out to about 85 cents a Litre Can compared to the $1.25 L it was in windsor car took 58 L to fill so just there i saved about $22 on the fill up

i usually shop at MEIJERS and i am a member the store loyal customer plan called Mperks
my mperks last week had $4 free meat $4 free frozen food $2 free produce and $3 off my total bill ...there is the first $13 of my purchases there free..... my bill here for food was cheap around $50 after all the rebates

needed oil and filter for oil change on car... sale on oil $19.99 including filter but if you spent $35 another Mperks kicks in for $5 off so I got the extra quart of oil my car needs plus a filter for my trucks oil change for $30

my uncle has me do his on his chrysler 200 ....cost from states for oil and filter is about $40 Canadian for the synthetic oil his car needs 10 minutes to change it..... shows me dealer cost for his last change $143 !!! this is no joke

chicken is super cheap in states compared to windsor and sales on spare ribs and pork loins are always super good deals too .... many things are more expensive sometimes even before you factor in the exchange rates

the meijers and walmart are about 5 minutes apart so its worth hitting both places for the deals

the customs officers just got a nice contract they are now being treated as equals to the Federal Police RCMP and they make $83000 a yr to give you a idea of wages ...local police are making $100,000 as first class constable with 5 yrs in same as firemen

teachers upwards of $100,000 my sister just retired after 30 yrs teaching with a masters degree she made that kind of money while principals as high as $135,000

i have heard a doctor working the emergency room at hospitals make $125 a hr ..... $1000 for a 8 hr shift

oh i declare everything i buy if they pull me in to pay taxes and duty no problem it only happens once or twice a year bring back $100-150 they ask if any is alcohol or tobacco if not have a nice day

Word I am hearing is the casino in Niagara Falls is about to find new people running ( or is that ruining) it. and CET is one of the two names in the running
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Quote: coilman

the meijers and walmart are about 5 minutes apart so its worth hitting both places for the deals

Guessing the ones on Eureka Rd in Southgate.
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Coilman ,10 gallons of milk for 11.70
so 1.17 per gallon I've never seen it that cheap.
Usually it's 3.69 where I live or on sale for 2.79
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