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February 22nd, 2015 at 12:03:13 PM permalink
Not really a trip report but some observations about our overnight at Borgata last night. We arrived around 3 pm just as the first snow flakes were falling and were able to check in right away. A beautiful classic room on the 17th floor. This was my husband's first time staying at the Borgata. He noticed right away that there was a pen and pad in the room as well as real glasses instead of plastic cups, a lot of extra toiletries such as mouth wash, and a laundry bag. During our many stays at Showboat over the past 12 years, we gradually watched these amenities disappear. In fact, we used to play a guessing game in the car on the way to the Boat about what would be missing in the room. ( The best was when our room had no desk and the tv was sitting on the floor, and this was a room they gave to a 7 Star player, but I digress...)

Had a terrific meal as always at Old Homestead. Gotham ribeye, lobster tail, cocktails and more cocktails. The place was packed but service and food were top notch. Gaming was up and down. We were up before dinner and after a few too many cocktails gave it all back and then some after dinner. The casino floor was moderately busy, tables were cooking but slots not so much. Some poor soul had a seizure at the craps table and had to be taken away by EMTS. The scene was right out of a Fellini movie: cocktail waitress continued to serve the table while this poor woman was on a stretcher alongside the rail, and the game actually went on. Kind of bizarre but all part of Saturday night in AC.

Checked out at 11 and enjoyed the brunch buffet before heading home. Not much of a line to get in and the selections were outstanding, a great assortment of breakfast and lunch items. The eggs Benedict were great, made to order omelets, prime rib, the whole works. All in all a nice getaway. My only beef is why do I always seem to play near a woman who screams every time she wins a buck. I swear they follow me around!

So Caesars, I hope you choked on that crappy room in the Marina Tower for the $429 you wanted to extract from me. And I even got a pen and a laundry bag. So there!

Good gaming everyone.
I give this post an hour. Tee Hee!
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Borgata always been top notch with great service and consistency. I was totally floored I had no contact since Julie
Estrada left for the Tropicana. I miss old homestead up in nyc in the meat market, the original one that is!!!
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February 22nd, 2015 at 1:15:58 PM permalink
The game MUST go on! Could you move that stretcher just a bit to the right.
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Quote: pew

The game MUST go on! Could you move that stretcher just a bit to the right.

The worst was when the dealer had a seizure. I went into nurse mode and rushed to the dealer. The dick of a pit boss wouldn't let me near her, he just stood there and let her thrash about. I guess he had to watch his area but geese, the woman was foaming at the mouth. He didn't even call 911 one of the players at the table did. The head of security came over to me and thanked me for helping. The players at the table were also miffed that play was delayed.

Enough about me....glad you had a great time ACMama.
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Even though I much prefer a boardwalk casino I must say Borgota is top notch in my book.
Perhaps with your high level of play they will treat you right unlike Caesars.
Thanks for sharing your observations and experiences at Borgota.
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It's so sad how Caesars just doesn't get it. They continue to lose players like yourself and others and never even ask what happened. Borgata gains another one.

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