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April 19th, 2018 at 4:47:32 AM permalink
A good friend and reliable reporter(not a drinker) files the following report:

" I've been playing a lot of craps but they have a lot of special rules here. You can't drop the dice on the table in front of you before you throw or change the number on the dice before you throw. You also can't shake your hand when you throw. Lots of special rules here, maybe that's the reason that they only have usually one table going and it isn't usually full. "

He also reported they don't have stools at the table(unlike Manila), the hotel is in fact five star(it should be at $375.usd a night) and the buffets are fabulous.

I told him I'd complain to the Gaming Commission or whatever they call it in Singapore as well as file a formal complaint with Mr. Adelson in his Las Vegas office. Can you imagine a joint like Marina Bay Sands sweating the money on a craps table? Unreal. I, as you have figured out, could not justify the room rate and didn't want to stay off property. Sure, I can afford it but it still made no sense. I've never ever paid more than $200.usd a night for a hotel room no matter the "stars". I might add, I've never been to New York City.

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