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Apr 10, 2016

The Benefits of LCB Membership

Source: Benefits of joining LCB

While it is undeniably so that the majority of WoV Members realize this already, WizardofVegas.com and WizardofOdds.com are full owned and operated by our parent site LatestCasinoBonuses.com.  It is quite possible, however, that some of you have not yet taken the opportunity to peruse our Parent Site, so allow me to take this moment to make all of you aware of the benefits of LCB Membership.

Much like Wizardofodds.com is the absolute mecca of online resources for Game Odds & Strategies, LatestCasinoBonuses sits at the pinnacle of websites devoted to Online Gambling.  It is an unbelievable resource for both Online Advantage Players and Online Recreational Players alike offering a full complement of Bonuses and Reviews of various Online Casinos.  Perhaps most importantly, LatestCasinoBonuses.com has an active Forum, so for those of you wondering what Online Casinos you can trust, you can look up threads related to a particular Online Casino and get the unbridled and unedited opinions of various LCB Members.

Rather than do this in paragraph form, I would like to go through the Tabs at LatestCasinoBonuses.com and briefly highlight what each particular section of the site has to offer:


As would be expected, the News section of our parent site is mainly centered around Online Gambling news and features reports from the best Online Gambling writers in the business, such as Glo Wood and Natalie Stephanopoulos.  While Online Gambling tends to be the featured News, much like I occasionally write about Online Gambling here at WoV, you can find some News stories related to land-based casinos over on LCB.  The news stories are definitely worth checking out for anybody.

It is very difficult to find a credible and unbiased source for News related to Online Gambling, so this is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to follow the latest in Online Gambling developments.  This section features a wide variety of topics such as Big Wins, Press Releases, Acquisitions and Takeovers and licensing information in addition to all of the general news that someone would expect.  

Fortunately, this section sticks to the most relevant topics of the day, as a result, there are only a handful of News stories released every day.  That makes it an especially convenient matter to take a peak at the site and determine whether or not there is anything there in which you will be interested on a particular day.


The Editorials section of LCB contains Opinion Articles, such as this one, with a large focus on Online Gambling.  However, I will be going over to the LCB site to do some writing of my own, and my writing will have a large focus on Brick & Mortar casinos.  As with the News section, the Editorials section of LCB features some outstanding Articles written by a wide variety of exceptionally talented authors...they're letting me write there too.

The Opinions offered in the Editorials section are going to be highly relevant to the topic at hand, intelligently written and full of information that anyone who even wants to think about Gambling Online needs to know.  Once again, LCB tends not to release too many Articles in one day, so it only takes one click to take a look and see if there is any newly released material that will be of interest to you.  The Editorials section is definitely one of my favorite sections of the website.  

High Roller

If you consider yourself to be a big online player, or you want to sift through some of the Bonuses out there to find a high-limit one with a great potential for a high-dollar Expectation, then make your way to the High Roller tab on LCB!  This tab features only Online Casinos that offer bonuses on deposits of $300, or greater, with many Bonuses even in the five figure range!  If you like playing for big stakes, then this tab is the way to go!

The vast majority of the Promotions available in the High Roller section will also be featured in other areas of the website, but it is important to take a look at this section because some of them are exclusive to that page while a particular online casino might over a lesser dollar amount bonus that would appear elsewhere on the website.  If you're a, "High Risk, High Return," sort of person, then this is a one stop shop to the best bonuses for you.

Video Poker

This tab features bonuses geared towards Video Poker enthusiasts.  If that is your game of choice, then you will not need to sift through random online casino sites until you find one that offers VP, the list is right there!  

It is very important to look at the specific Terms & Conditions for a given Online Casino as many Casinos will advertise a particular playthrough requirement, but it is actually greater than that in the event that the game of choice is Video Poker.  Compared to the playthrough requirement of a Slots game, online casinos, almost Universally, have an increased playthrough requirement for Video Poker games.  With that being said, some of these Bonuses still might be potentially lucrative, and therefore attractive, to an Online Advantage Player.  If you do choose to take advantage of a promotion for Video Poker, I would consider it of great importance to stick with the most reputable Online Gambling sites available, or those who have been independently certified as fair by a trusted Certification company.

Roulette & Blackjack

Once again, these two tabs will enable you to go straight to Bonuses that are offered for those games.  These tabs are quite useful as Roulette and Blackjack are excluded games at many online casinos.  If you do find a good Bonus on Roulette, however, make sure not to do any, "Opposite Betting," especially if it is stated in the Terms & Conditions that you cannot as it may void your winnings.

It is very important to note, however, that Online Casino Bonuses for Blackjack and Roulette almost universally have greater playthrough requirements than Bonuses for other games.  With that being said, even for a Recreational Player, finding Promotions on these two games is a very rare find as most casinos do not allow these games with any form of Promotion.  The one thing that I would encourage players to keep in mind with Blackjack is that, because it is such a low Variance game, a huge playthrough requirement can easily result in a nearly impossible to win scenario due to the fact that, if betting small amounts, you are not expected to run too far from expectation in either direction.

One other thing to keep in mind in those Terms & Conditions is that many Online Casinos restrict the range of bets that a player is permitted to incorporate in a game.  As a result, it is a violation of said Terms, on many sites, to employ a strategy by which you bet at or near the Table Maximum going for a huge win and then drop down to Table Minimum (or something close to it) in order to grind out the playthrough requirements.

I can assure you that there are beatable Promotions out there that will not require you, as a player, to violate the Terms & Conditions in any way whatsoever.  It is just a simple matter of looking at the Math within the parameters of said Terms & Conditions, it is not always easy, and certainly not every Promotion is beatable, but there are a good many out there that are.


This tab will enable you to look at a list of Online Casinos that accept US players.  This page is exceptionally useful as many Online Casinos do not want the hassle of Deposit and Withdrawal processing, and therefore, will not accept players from the United States.  Unfortunately, the Bonuses available are not listed with the casinos on this page, so if you are looking for an Online Bonus, you can simply look for the American flag to appear by a casino name on any of the bonuses pages.

It can be argued that players from the US have a lesser degree of recourse when it comes to being cheated, slow-paid or no-paid by an Online Casino, and that is why it is absolutely imperative that a player ensure that the casino is not on probation, is not Blacklisted and does not have any Warnings associated with it.  When it comes to some casinos, while winning is not easy at all, the actual games are only the first gamble that you are taking...getting paid is often an entirely different matter altogether!  If you are from the US, you should do your level best to stick only to the most trusted online casinos, and the LCB Forum is an excellent resource to get the opinions of people who have actually played there...which we will discuss later in this Article.  


The Warnings tab contains information on casinos that have been Blacklisted, Placed on Probation, or have Warnings.  Blacklisted casinos should be avoided at all costs, and I would also personally avoid casinos with Warnings.  When a casino is placed on probation with LCB, that does not rise quite to the level of a Warning as the Online Casino has not necessarily welched on anyone...yet...but oftentimes, an Online Casino can be placed on probation for delayed payouts and poor customer service.  

Fortunately, there are many good apples in the bunch, and the best of them will have one or more Casino Representatives that visit/post on LCB and discuss player issues openly on the Forum.  The Warnings/Blacklists are also not arbitrary, rather many of them are based upon actual player experiences.

It should be mentioned that a casino placed on Probation is not automatically a reason that a player should not play there, it really depends largely upon what reason the casino was placed on Probation and whether or not that matters to you.  For example, some casinos are on Probation for being slow-payers, but as long as they definitely pay eventually and do not make me jump through hoops to finally get paid, I can accept that certain Online Casinos do not have as strong payment processors as some others.  That is acceptable to me because I understand that the fastest of the payment processing people out there often want to take a bit larger of a cut of the money, which makes it more difficult for a particular online casino to offer good Promotions.  

However, it is also understandable that being paid quickly will be more important than anything to a good many people out there, if that describes you, then you would certainly want to avoid a casino that is on probation for being a slow-paying casino at all costs.  


This section features casinos that offer Live Dealer games.  Many people, despite the higher Table Minimums, prefer Online Casinos that offer Live games because they can be reasonably assured of the fairness of the games.  With most Online Casinos that offer live games, there will often be a television in the background showing some kind of Live sporting event, that way you know that you are playing a legitimate live game and not repeating a bad run of cards for a previous player.


The, "Best of," list features Online Casinos hand-selected by LCB based on such aspects as software quality, fairness, RTP (return to player) that is consistent with the probabilities/pays associated with the game over hundreds of thousands of trials, customer service, payout times and, of course, bonuses.  Much like the WizardofOdds advertising guarantee, if you sign up for one of these online casinos using an LCB link, you can go right to them if you experience any problems.


The Blog section features stories and Live Casino Reviews by LCB Hall of Fame Author, Editor and all-around gaming enthusiast Ava Jackuard.  Ava is undoubtedly one of the best Gambling writers in the business, she could make a bottle of water sound exciting!  Many of her blogs feature pictures of the best hands she got during her visit.


Do you want to make sure you can play while you're away from home?  If so, you're in luck, the Mobile section features casinos that are available either on Mobile devices only, or on both Mobile and Desktop.  Please remember that not all games available on Desktop are necessarily available on a casino's mobile version, so I strongly recommend that you either attempt to find out more information about what particular games are available online in the Reviews, by asking about it in the Forums, or by going to a particular casino and using the, "Live Chat," option.


If you want to shoot for a huge win, the Jackpots section of LCB features a running list of Online Casino Jackpots, the average value of a Jackpot win for a particular jackpot, as well as the amount and last time a particular jackpot was hit, if applicable.  If you are using a Bonus however, don't get too excited before you read those Terms & Conditions, as many Online Casinos exclude Progressive Slots from their Bonuses.  


This section of the site encompasses Reviews, Ratings and Information for nearly every Land-Based Casino in THE ENTIRE WORLD.  There will occasionally be listings for casinos that have changed names under their old name or restaurant information that is slightly out-of-date, however, due to the fact that even compiling a list of this nature is an unfathomably daunting task. 

While some of the information may be outdated and a few casinos of which you might be aware may be missing, the Land-Based section is still an excellent section to get you started if you want to know what casinos a particular Country, State, Province or City offers.  

With that being said, it is understandable, given the nature of LCB's core business, why keeping this section up-to-date is not foremost among their priorities.   I can absolutely assure everybody that they more than make up for it by being the absolute foremost source for the most up-to-date information on all things related to Online gambling.


Do you like Free-Rolling?  If so, then you should visit the Tournaments section of our parent site.  While many Online Casino tournaments require an Entry Fee, there are an impressive number that have Free-Roll Tournaments by which one can win various prizes ranging from cash to No-Deposit Bonuses.  Please check the Terms & Conditions for tournaments, though, because some of them do require a deposit if you want to claim any part of the winnings.  If that doesn't sound agreeable to you, then simply do not play there!

LCB Shop

If I may be so bold, I would like to say that the LCB Shop is as cool as Hell!  Simply for being a Member at LCB you earn cash-value rewards for activities as simple as logging in or making Forum Posts of as few as fifty characters.  These reward amounts for each thing you do may seem small, but they add up in a real hurry!

The best part is that there are a wide variety of options for how you want to use your LCB Bucks.  You can use them to purchase Chips or Free Spins at a number of highly trusted online casinos, or alternatively, you can use them for various merchandise items that LCB offers.  If you do choose to use it for an Online Casino Bonus of one kind or another, then please make sure to read the Terms & Conditions of the applicable website as some of them may require that you make a Deposit before being able to cash anything out.  The vast majority of Online Casinos should not  require that you make a Deposit until you have already won, however, like some of the Bingo sites, many require a Deposit prior to playing in order for the winnings to ultimately be cashable.  


This section of LCB features information with respect to Bonuses on Slot Games.  Unfortunately, I am at a lack for advice to offer on this section given the fact that I do not know the precise returns and probabilities of most slot games.  If I had to guess, I would speculate that the vast majority of online Slots cannot be played at an advantage, but if you do know of any, feel free to share the wealth of information with me!


For the more analytical of us, the, "Guides," section is arguably the most useful area of LatestCasinoBonuses.com.  For everything related to Online Gambling, as well as rudimentary information pertaining to Online Advantage Play, this resource is a must-view section of the website.  It features comprehensive guides on a good many matters, but the most important of which is quite likely, "Bonus Whoring."  Bonus Whoring is a method by which one seeks to obtain as many Online Casino Bonuses as possible (with a focus on No-Deposit Bonuses) in order to win something.  

If you do not have much of a gambling bankroll, then the, "Guides," section will impart upon you the knowledge that you need to get started with Online Casino Bonuses, many of which are risk-free.  

The Guides section also features advice on many specific games, however, I have to admit that WizardofOdds.com is much more likely to be my primary source for looking up game strategies.


This section features Casinos that offer Cashback Bonuses.  Most people would think that a, "Cashback," would refer to something akin to Player's Club Points in a Brick & Mortar Casino, but those are actually referred to as, "Comp Dollars," at most Online Casinos.  In the realm of Online Casinos, "Cashback," generally refers to what Land-Based casinos would generally call a, "Loss Rebate." 

It is of extremely great importance to understand the Terms & Conditions prior to utilizing any cashback offers at a particular Online Casino.  These tend to be much different from Loss Rebates at B&M's in the sense that Loss Rebates are typically rewarded in the form of Free Play that only has to be played through once.  With Online Casino Cashback, there is usually a playthrough requirement of some kind making the actual rebate percentage effectively less than advertised, at least, with respect to the Expected Value of the Rebate.  

It is also important to understand that many Cashback offerings will have differing playthrough requirements that are predicated upon what game is being played.  As with the vast majority of Casino Bonuses, a game such as Blackjack will have a much greater playthrough requirement than something like Slots or Keno.  It is absolutely imperative that you know and understand the difference between these things before you attempt to take advantage of a cashback Bonus.


This section features a list of Deposit/Withdrawal Options which can then be clicked on to determine what casinos will allow Deposits/Withdrawals and via what option.  This section, unfortunately, is not going to be of great use for US Players because of the limited range of funding options that US players have.  Generally speaking, I find it much easier to simply go to a website for a particular casino to investigate my funding options.

ND Codes/No Deposit Casinos

These two pages feature, in order, Codes for various No Deposit Bonuses and click-through links for casinos that offer various No Deposit Bonuses.  It is absolutely essential that players look for an Exclamation Point appearing by the name of a particular casino because that means, at a minimum, that the casino is on Probation or has a Warning.  The vast majority of Online Casinos that are on Probation or have a Warning are for Delayed Payouts and Poor Customer Service.  In many of these cases, the player will get paid eventually, but it takes an unreasonable amount of time and effort on the part of the player in order for that to happen.

While getting paid eventually is better than not being paid at all, if you are playing with a limited bankroll, it is absolutely essential that you only play at casinos that have a reputation for paying quickly, even if the Bonus offered might not be quite as strong and perhaps even if they do not offer a No-Deposit bonus at all.

New Casinos

This section does what it says on the box: It lists the newest Online Casinos in the Online Gambling market.  Personally, I would avoid playing at a new Online Casino unless it is just an expansion of a casino brand that has a reputation for making payments honorably and quickly.  As far as completely new operators are concerned, I would much rather let other people play there first and attempt to cash out so that I can get an idea of how they are about processing payments and paying the players correctly.  

If you want to guinea pig yourself to a new Online Casino that is NOT from an established network of casino operators, then all I can say is, "Good luck," because you very well might need it.  

Free Games

This is a terrific page that offers more than 3,000 Free Casino Games all in one location!  I believe that this resource is exceptionally useful for Slot, Keno and Parlor Games players who want to get a feel for how playing a particular game is going to be.  The reason that I say that is that some Slots have a ton more Variance than others, but playing the game before you invest real money, or perhaps, use a No-Deposit Bonus of some kind is going to give you the opportunity to experience the game first-hand and get a feel for what to expect.


The LCB Forum is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the greatest asset to the Online Gambler in existence in the entire Universe.  The Forums will give you access to an unbelievable community of Online Gamblers of varying interests and skills, but regardless of what motivates a particular online player, the most important asset that all of these Members has to offer is ABSOLUTELY UNBIASED, UNFETTERED, UNEDITED AND UNADULTERATED OPINIONS!  

There is nothing more important than an honest appraisal of the offerings of a given Online Casino, and that is exactly what you are going to have unfettered access to as a Member of LatestCasinoBonuses.com.  I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have the opinions of people who have actually played at the casinos, attempted to get payouts and have dealt with Customer Service.  


Even if you are not necessarily interested in Gambling Online, I would suggest that it is a possibility to which you should open yourself up because of the wide variety of No-Deposit Bonuses and Free Roll Tournaments out there.  Contrary to what some people believe, there are also a wide variety of online casinos out there that not only offer features such as these, but for which there is also no download required!  In such events, all that is required of you is to simply open up an account and start playing!

In the event that you remain unenthusiastic about the prospect of gambling online, there are still an unbelievable number of features on LCB that most people would find highly enjoyable.  With everything from the latest Articles to Free Games of all varieties, Latestcasinobonuses.com truly has something for everyone.  

LatestCasinoBonuses.com is to Online Gambling what WoO/WoV are to Brick & Mortar Gambling and Gambling Strategy.  LCB is undeniably the greatest resource for Advantage Players and Recreational Online Gamblers alike, so if you haven't taken the opportunity to check the site out yet, then you most definitely should.  

Just make sure that you have an open schedule that day, because once you start looking around at everything that LCB has to offer, there is a very good probability that you are going to be there for quite some time!


Zuga Apr 11, 2016

thanks Mission for this in depth article. I don't think I could have explained it better myself ;)

Mission146 Apr 11, 2016


You're welcome, and thanks for the compliment! I actually learned a few new and useful features on LCB of which I was not previously aware!

Zuga Apr 11, 2016

hehhe well then it was definitely beneficial :)

joshua.chan Apr 11, 2016

Great article, can not believe it has been almost 10 years!

CBG81 Apr 11, 2016

I'm happy being a member on both LCB and here on WoV. Each site has it unique perspective.

Mission146 Apr 11, 2016


Ten great ones at that, congratulations! I still think it is amazing that you started as an online BJ player and built that into an absolute empire of Internet gambling sites!


That it does, with this one being more Land-Based Casino related, especially the Forums. Although, I'm looking to do a little crossover with some Articles on LCB that will be about 75% based on Land-Based Promotions.

Andy Apr 14, 2016

It was very interesting to me to read about the advantages of joining LCB. The exhaustive and well-timed article, thanks a lot.

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