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Sep 11, 2019

NFL season has started and this, in combination with more states legalizing online sports betting, comes with an age old problem – the potential for fraud. iovation, a TransUnion company, is ready to tackle this issue head within the U.S. online gambling market with a product group designed to manage new players, assist operators with regulatory compliance and fight fraud, all while enhancing the betting experience for customers.

Greg Pierson, Co-Founder of iovation, said, “The online gambling gold rush today in the U.S. is akin to what we saw nearly two decades ago when iovation first began working with European operators as countries there began to legalize online gambling. With states legalizing online gambling and the American fantasy football season kicking off, operators are sprinting to launch apps and websites. They are putting most of their efforts into getting users with less emphasis on preventing gambling issues."

In taking a proactive stance, iovation prepares to solve issues surrounding age verification (21+), bonus abuse, fraudulent credit card activity, geolocation verification and self-exclusion.

Backed by a Nevada service provider license and a number of partnerships with companies around the country, such as SBTech.

Chief Development Officer at SBTech, Andrew Cochrane, said, “SBTech puts player protection and anti-money laundering at the heart of our platform operations for our partners in regulated regions across the U.S., Europe and emerging markets. Thanks to our expanded partnership with iovation, these partners now have access to the industry’s most advanced device recognition technology enabling them to instantly identify and authorize verified players and significantly reduce levels of potential fraud.”

iovation’s American gambling solutions will target device behavior and identity verification throughout the experience of a player in the following areas:

Registering an account:

  • Verified prefill to expedite onboarding
  • Added identity verification with a one-time password (OTP) and knowledge-based authentication (KBA)
  • Age verification checks
  • Address validation
  • Email and phone verification
  • Stop bonus abuse
  • Manage player self-exclusion
  • Block non-compliant accounts

Logging In:

  • Manage player self-exclusion
  • Stop account takeover
  • Authenticate players
  • Block noncompliant access
  • Reduce login friction


  • Prevent credit card and payment fraud
  • Anti-money laundering


  • Uncover insider threats
  • Stop cheating and abuse
  • Prevent bonus abuse
  • Detect player collusion
  • Manage play by geographic boundaries
  • Authorize large bets


  • Expedite withdrawals
  • Prevent withdrawal fraud
  • Non-repudiation for Monday morning chargebacks
  • Prevent fraudulent self-exclusion
  • Block non-compliant accounts

Learn more about iovation’s and TransUnion’s sports betting offerings by visiting their website at https://www.iovation.com/. Additional information about the company is available in this exclusive interview.


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