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So my initial plan when playing in Vegas was going to be to limit my sessions to 45 minutes to 1 hour and move casino to casino and never overstay my welcome. Also part of the criteria was once i show my FULL SPREAD(TC -1 to TC +5), i would also be out of there and so potentially some sessions could be as quick as 15 minutes and as long as 1 hour. With that being said, this also got me thinking.

What Im trying to do now is maybe just simplify it even more. My current thought process is, why dont i just forget about limiting my time spent in each casino to 1 hour and instead start leaving once i show my full spread. Doing it this way, I will be able to log a lot more playing EV for the year while still flying under the radar because at the end of the day it's really all about your spread EXPOSURE that gets you backed off and flyered and not necessarily the time spent in a casino. Of course if you're pure wonging, it's all about your backcounting exposure as well. In the end, it should average to be less than a one hour session anyway, but because of not capping sessions to 1 hour, i will gain a lot more EV in the long run as some sessions might go as long as 1.5 hours, etc.

Does anyone have the average time it takes to show a full spread on a 6-8 deck game? My guess for a long term average would be somewhere around 30 min? What do you guys think? Maybe 45 min?

Also my idea is to wong out aggressively at -1. If I continuously wong out of shoes at -1, isn't that sort of showing my spread and maybe i should just leave as well? How many shoes of wonging out would start looking suspicious? 2 shoes? 3 shoes? What about showing a semi full spread(-1 to +3) for example? Should I leave after 2 semi full spreads as there is still some pretty big movement of chips with the count even up to +3 and can give away some information to the eye and pit. I guess it all depends on my ramp.

Am i overthinking this? Longevity is obviously important to me if Im going to be moving there and playing somewhat full time. I cant act or play like I did in PA, or ill be back home in a month.
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Any private business open to the PUBLIC (ie. droned out casinos) cannot have a criminal trespass enforced against an individual without GOOD CAUSE (Disruptive or Disorderly conduct). You will never go to prison for being thrown out of a casino for legal advantage play and then returning because it's simply unconstitutional 'as applied' to the individual. 'As applied' constitutional issues must FIRST be raised in DISTRICT COURT (trial court) to have it thrown out. You CANNOT raise it on APPEAL This is the best kept secret in the world of casinos not just in Vegas but everywhere in the country. Thank me later.
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A lot of things tell me you'll be back home in a month anyways. Somewhere between 10 minutes and 2 hours.....for average, your software has TC frequencies right? There's your answer, it's a lot different depending on what point in your spread you'll leave after, or if you max early at +2.5-3 or late at +6.
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