by Michael Shackleford • Oct. 19, 2013

Key Facts

  • Eastern terminus: Bill Briare park
  • Western terminus: Angel Park Trail — Durango Blvd, between Washington Ave and Summerlin Pkwy.
  • Distance: 1.7 miles.


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The page covers the section of the Bonanaza Trail that parallels the Summerlin Parkway from the I-95 to Durango Blvd. The "Bonanza Trail" actually goes further east than this, but it is along city streets. Also, don't confuse this with the Bonanza hiking trail at Mount Charleston. Everything on this page is along nice safe running/biking paths.

The trail is very wide and easy to follow. Most of time, it follows the south edge of Charlie Kellogg and Joe Zaher Sports Complex (can somebody please shorten the name of this park?). The trail is mostly used by joggers. It is safe to use on bike, but is so short that there wouldn't be much point.


The pictures in this page start from the Bill Briare park, which is off Tenaya Way, just north of the Summerlin Parkway. This park has a playground, exercise stations, and a field big enough for a soccer game.

Don't be surprised if you can't find the "Bill Briare park" on a map. GoogleMaps shows the area as just untitled emptiness. If you don't believe me, you'll have to take it on faith the park really exists.


For the purposes of this page, here is where the Bonanza Trail begins. Start by going through the Tenaya Way underpass.


After passing through you'll pass along the left of a four-story medical building. On the left you'll see a bench. At this point is where the Bonanza Trail joins the Lone Mountain Trail, which you can switch to by turning right. Otherwise, to stay on the Bonanza Trail, keep going straight.


A little further you'll pass a shopping center.


Coming up to the Buffalo Drive underpass.


The Buffalo Drive underpass.


After going through the tunnel you're suddenly at the Charlie Kellogg and Joe Zaher Sports Complex. I guess they call it that because it is mostly soccer fields, but I still say they should shorten the name.


The rest of the way just keep going straight. It follows this blue fence most of the way.


Stay calm and carry on.


The blue fence is gone, but don't be alarmed. Just keep going straight.


Stay to the left here.


The Darling Tennis Center is on your left. Used tennis balls are easily found, if you need any. Once I kindly gathered some and threw them over the fence and the guy playing tennis snapped at me saying, "Those aren't ours!" From now on, if I need used tennis balls, I'm coming here. The Durango Blvd underpass is straight ahead.


After going through the tunnel the path circles around to the right.


The Bonanza Trail comes to an end as it joins the Angel Park Trail. I think turning left is the more scenic choice if you're looking to add a couple extra miles to your journey. If you turn right you'll have to follow along the street for a while.