Posted by teddys
Sep 19, 2012

Enormous bubble craps win!

I was playing bubble craps the other day, on Aruze's "Shoot to Win" game. $1 minimum, 5x odds, making constant come bets plus max odds. Since the last time I played at Santa Fe Station a guy went on a 44-roll hand and I never pressed, I now press. Thankfully, it seemed nobody, including myself, could throw a seven today! I got up to $6+$30 and $7+$35 pretty quickly on a bunch of numbers, and everything was going my way, with a bunch of repeating points including a lot of outside numbers. There were also no come-out sevens, which I hate since I turn all bets on on the come out. The max bet is $250 total action, so I had to calibrate my come bets as to have a mix of $6 and $7 comes so I wouldn't run up against the table max ((7+35)*4=252). After all was said and done, I cashed out up $2,110. By far my biggest craps win ever, and one of my biggest wins of any stripe. After all the beatings I've taken at craps, it was nice to have things go my way for once... :) Best thing of all: no dealers to tip after the win!


TIMSPEED Sep 19, 2012

What casino was this at?

We played a little at Sunset Station this weekend...and a LITTLE at Palazzo (it was a $5 minimum on bubble craps there!)

100xOdds Sep 19, 2012

look for casinos with a $500 max.

the first hot streak i got in Shoot to Win, i maxxed out at $250 which is FRUSTRATING when i want to press during a hot roll.

Then i found casinos w/$500 limit but i forgot which.

i've maxxed that out too :)

congrats on +$2k!

when i maxxed out at the $500 table limit, i think i was only up $1500. (i press agressively, like 33% to 50%)

midwestgb Sep 19, 2012

Love Bubble Craps. Have seen some very nice streaks in that game at Talking Stick in Phoenix.

TIMSPEED Sep 19, 2012

On the subject of a $500 max...

There's an error on ONE machine at Eldorado in Reno...it has a $1000 max limit...although, with only Double-Odds, I can't see ever getting to it...

Mission146 Sep 19, 2012

What a sick win! That is awesome, TeddyS!!!

RaleighCraps Sep 19, 2012

Awesome win teddys

odiousgambit Sep 20, 2012


bigfoot66 Sep 20, 2012

Does that make up for losing the slot ticket :) ?

NicksGamingStuff Sep 20, 2012

Dealers do not need tips to pay rent, buy food, have electricity, hot water, etc.. anyway.

Posted by teddys
Sep 13, 2012


Lost a slot ticket today. $109.75. This is the second time this has ever happened to me. The first was for $65. Asked the slot attendant to look up the ticket. "It's been redeemed."

So. Much. Rage. I'll get over it soon.


Face Sep 13, 2012


That's it? Wtf? If they know it's been redeemed, they should know where and when. If they know where and when, then Surv can find them. If Surv can find them, Surv can ID them. If Surv can ID them, Surv can flag for Security, who can approach patron next time they're in for redemption.

They did none of this?

buzzpaff Sep 13, 2012

Before I clicked on this blog my thought was '"Oh No, he played Blackjack "again !

teddys Sep 13, 2012

Face: They did none of that.

Wizard Sep 13, 2012

I interpret your rage to be against the person who took the ticket, or yourself. Either way, I feel your pain brother.

toastcmu Sep 14, 2012

Face - while in theory that would be the way these things should work, I can't ever recall Surv ever saying anything other than what Teddys experienced with lost tickets. Shoot, when I was pickpocketed, all security could tell me was check lost and found later. Lucky for me, most of my money was in chips in my pocket.


EvenBob Sep 14, 2012

Was it all money you won, or was it what was

left over from losses.

sodawater Sep 14, 2012

I have the opposite of this story. Last year I found $4000 in rubber-banded cash on the floor in the casino. I immediately turned it in because I know it's a crime to just take something that valuable off the floor. I figured my best EV play was to turn it in and get some kind of reward.

Nope. The guy who lost it claimed it within 45 minutes. Surveillance verified that he dropped it. He didn't give me a penny.

TheBigPaybak Sep 16, 2012

I also did this once for about the same amount. After going through security, they also verified it had been redeemed. While they didn't cover the funds, they did give me a $100 dining credit which I thought was superb customer service!

teddys Sep 19, 2012

I put in $100, so I lost my initial stake and some winnings. No dining credit; just a turn-and-walk-away from the slot att. Not that I had much respect for this casino to begin with...

Posted by teddys
Jul 22, 2012

Royal #2

Who do I complain to about this? :)


odiousgambit Jul 22, 2012

that's the problem with the Wizard, he never pays [g]

toastcmu Jul 22, 2012

My luck is that I get royals on the computer, but never in real life...

Posted by teddys
Jul 05, 2012

Blackjack oddity

A minor curiousity: 7-card hard sixteen on the Wizard's BJ game. Happens every 68,000 hands on average. If I had been playing at Stations Casinos, all players would have won the progressive jackpot on the "Hit-n-Run" sidebet. (Dealer must draw eight cards; doesn't matter if she busts).


RogerKint Jul 06, 2012

I always have to practice with the late surrender option on. If I don't I'll get to Vegas and forget.

RoundMan Jul 06, 2012

Basic strategy says HIT.

A basic strategy exception says STAND on any hard 16 (3 or more cards).

What to do? HIT or STAND?

teddys Jul 06, 2012

Definitely STAND

bigfoot66 Jul 07, 2012

Yeah with this many little cards gone definately stand.

Posted by teddys
Jun 30, 2012

Got a royal on the Wizard's practice UTH game

They do exist! ($2500 payout.)


buzzpaff Jun 30, 2012

The VP game heard about your BJ play and was trying to even things out. LOL

Tiltpoul Jun 30, 2012

That was very similar to how I hit my Royal at Southland. I had 10s-4, flop had the QsJs, KsAs on river gave me the Royal.

Congratulations! Don't spend all that money at one place.

Wizard Jul 02, 2012

Congratulations! Your real prize is dinner with the Wizard at Tacos El Gordo.

FarFromVegas Jul 03, 2012

I had been playing that less than 12 hours before you posted, only the derecho blew through and knocked our power out! I could continue playing because the game was loaded so it didn't matter that my modem and router were out, but I wanted to save my laptop battery in case we were in for a looong outage.

Great hand!