Posted by teddys
Mar 31, 2015

AHigh on NPR

I've been asked to inform you that AHigh will be on the Las Vegas affiliate of NPR, KNPR 89.7 FM, at 9 AM Pacific Time this morning to talk about skill-based gaming products.

Paste this link into your browser and click "listen" in the top left corner to listen live:



FleaStiff Mar 31, 2015

The show is called State of Nevada 9am and 7:00pm?

But also available for playing by simply clicking on the desired episode from the show's page on the above website.

100xOdds Apr 01, 2015

hopefully this improves his company's stock price.

it's dismal :(

Zcore13 Apr 01, 2015

Not as long as they keep throwing money at that pinball game.

Actually, I heard on an investor site that NTEK was splitting the Las Vegas Gaming Lab into its own company, trying to get it off its books. I don't know if it's true, but would be good to stop having the Las Vegas money pit killing the good 4k business NTEK is doing.

teddys Apr 02, 2015

Nanotech Gaming Labs is no longer part of NTEK. It was spun off. They are waiting for a new ticker symbol to begin trading on the Pink Sheets again.

I am not an investment advisor, but I would not invest in NTEK or Nanotech Gaming. And it has NOTHING to do with what I think of AHigh, their products, or anybody else at the company.

bigfoot66 Apr 02, 2015

Can you say your advice not to invest has NOTHING to do with AHIGH, neither positive nor negative? Does this mean that you think that AHIGH is an unremarkable manager or that you have an opinion on his management skills that you are ignoring when you give the advice?

Zcore13 Apr 03, 2015

The Management at the Las Vegas Gaming Lab is delusional. That's why I would never invest in that company.

Posted by teddys
Jan 16, 2014

The Gambler (post-modern fiction)

Submitted for your approval by BertS, father of TeddyS:


"Iíve made millions in gambling. You probably know that because Iíve written about it a lot.

Nevertheless, some readers still believe I inherited my money.


I work hard for my money. I play video poker, and not at some tribal casino in Oregon. I play at Vegas casinos that offer the best margin. I demand a 99.5 JOB (jacks-or-better) edge.

I tip well and live well.

Do I play video poker all day?

Yes, and I love it.

My ex-wife didnít love it. She tried to control my bankroll. Nobody controls my bankroll!

Iím a known quantity here in Vegas. For a while I had a radio show. I coughed so much on air, I got fired. What did the producer want? Iím in smoky casinos 12 hours a day;Iím lucky I can breathe, let alone cough.

I administer an online forum, Millionaire VP. No smoking on my site.

I used to play craps. If you play craps long enough, you lose everything. Which I did. Once was enough.

Iím filing w-2Gs totaling $400,000 for 2013. The ex-mayor of San Diego lost $13 million on video poker. Donít be her. Be me.

Lots of royal flushes, everybody!"


odiousgambit Jan 17, 2014

Shed a little light on this, Teddy. Who is this gambler? Are we supposed to guess? Normally you assume someone is talking about himself, but in light of recent revelations I assume not.

ClarkWGriswold Jan 17, 2014

He's talking about Silly Willy.

I just never liked him because I hate everyone who is "old", haha.

odiousgambit Jan 17, 2014

>I administer an online forum, Millionaire VP. No smoking on my site.

this ain't helping me, maybe somebody else gets it

ClarkWGriswold Jan 17, 2014


Second link explains it.

odiousgambit Jan 17, 2014

OK, well, I thought about that guy

>Lots of royal flushes, everybody!

that fit

>For a while I had a radio show

but this didn't, I thought. Doesn't he still have a radio show?

bigfoot66 Jan 18, 2014

Yeah I am a little lost on this too.

Buzzard Jan 19, 2014

This is what happens when a promising lawyer does not fulfill his talents. SIGH

teddys Jan 20, 2014

Folks, my dad wrote this piece. I'm pretty sure he lives to confuse myself and other people.

Buzzard Jan 21, 2014

You Dad seems to be my kind of guy. And the apple does not fall far from the tree !

karven Feb 23, 2014

Your wife loves you, he tries to control your money just to keep you away from the casino, you should listen to her advice, because she loves you, and not think she wanted to attempt to control your life.


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Posted by teddys
Dec 06, 2013

New, New Job

I start a new full-time job in January here. I'll be doing title work for oil and gas clients in southeastern Ohio. It's not an attorney position but they like to hire attorneys, and there may be an opportunity to move into an attorney position in the future (it doesn't hurt to be licensed). In two separate but WoV-related coincidences, I'll be doing the same job AZDuffman does, and based in the same town where Mission146 works.

I'm really excited about the opportunity. The employer has a good reputation, and the work pays well and is (I hope) plentiful. There are opportunities for advancement. It really is exciting to be on the forefront of America's energy revolution.

Oh yeah, there is the casino in West Virginia nearby... :)


RogerKint Dec 06, 2013

Congrats, Teddy! Exciting stuff.

FleaStiff Dec 06, 2013

Good luck looking for those covenants running with the land or whatever is involved.

rdw4potus Dec 06, 2013


odiousgambit Dec 06, 2013


>there is the casino in West Virginia nearby

I'm glad you will have a place to invest your money!

Mission146 Dec 06, 2013

Howdy, neighbor!

Perdition Dec 06, 2013

What happened with the Vegas thing? Were the other factors on why you had to leave? Any advice for someone coming in would be very helpful.

Wizard Dec 07, 2013

Nice to see you moving up in the world. If you don't get enough work, may I recommend moonlighting making moonshine.

FleaStiff Dec 08, 2013

Anything like that available in Florida, please let me know. Trouble is that here if you dig twenty feet down you usually hit either the Gulf or the Atlantic.

AZDuffman Dec 08, 2013

Welcome to the business! I just got a new client myself last week so things must be picking up. PM me if you wish to network via FB or LI.

AcesAndEights Dec 08, 2013

Nice, hope the new job works out for you.

Buzzard Dec 09, 2013

May 31st, 2010 at 7:48:57 pm

Well, it happened. I busted my bankroll. Chalk it up to bad decisionmaking and overbetting. It all started when I hit three $.25 video poker jackpots last year in quick succession for $1,500, $1,000, and $1,000 each. Suddenly I found myself with a lot of money to work with. (I don't dip into other funds for gambling). So I upped my bets to $25 a hand in Blackjack and played multi-hand video poker for $5-$7 a spin. I also played some poker-based carny games that require you to raise with extra betting units. Well, the variance kicked in and I ran REAL bad the last three months. It seems like every time I played BJ I lost $200-$400. VP was a reverse ATM, and the poker games were especially unkind. Lesson? I should have stayed at the same bet level I was at before I hit the jackpots. All the knowledge and experience gained from this site and others can't help you when the luck turns bad. There isn't a lot said here or on the main site about bankroll requirements and variance, which I think is as important as house edge. So let me say it for posterity: DON'T OVERBET!!

3 and 1/2 years ago DAMN time flies. CONGRATULATIONS. Don't stop watching re-runs of Perry Mason, just in case I get in trouble again.

JohnnyQ Jan 17, 2014

Shale, baby, Shale !

Posted by teddys
Oct 24, 2013

Vegas 10/29-11/6

This is an advertisement. If anyone is going to be in Vegas around the above dates, I have a multitude of comps that I'd like to sell. The way I usually do it is check in myself, and then hand off the keycard to you. This is not within the spirit of the comp but I've done it many times. Price is negotiable, but will be a substantial discount from whatever the rack rate is.

Some of the hotels I have available:
-The D
-Golden Gate
-Circus Circus
-Four Queens
-El Cortez
-Sam's Town
-Gold Coast
-All Caesars properties (including Nobu!)

PM me for details.


Ibeatyouraces Oct 24, 2013

When I was there a few weeks ago, one of the nights I had 3 separate rooms in 3 separate hotels on one single night just to collect the free money they gave me.

FleaStiff Oct 25, 2013

Hotel occupancy rates may be skewed by all this.

RogerKint Oct 26, 2013

Burn those bridges! Wherever you end up staying we will be looking forward to the trip report.

Posted by teddys
Nov 08, 2012

New Job

I started my new job on Monday. Basically, what I do is collect money from people. However, unlike BuzzPaff, who breaks legs, I do it though legal channels :) We have collectors who do the trace work on the debtors, then it is my job to prepare the summons, complaint, and follow through with service of process and default judgment. Most of the debt is credit card debt. I am not allowed to talk about the clients, but some of the charges these people rack up are incredible. Especially in Vegas :)

I can't say much more about the job except that it takes up a lot of time. Also, the firm monitors everything you do on the computer, so I can't visit WoV as much as I used to :( To that end, I'll probably be posting less than I usually do, but will still be writing things for the Wiz occasionally.

Bon Chance.


MathExtremist Nov 08, 2012

"Federal law requires me to inform you that this is an attempt to collect a debt, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose."

My father is a collections attorney too. :)

SOOPOO Nov 09, 2012

This is terrible news..... less time available for the craps tables......

FarFromVegas Nov 09, 2012

You do the same job as my next-door neighbor does! He was nice enough to come to the Darkside a few years ago and help us tell my m-i-l what she really owed and who she could tell to go pound sand. We have another friend out west who runs a company that uses services like yours before he siccs Buzz on the deadbeats, and he's richer than God. My sister works for a lawyer who does foreclosures and bankruptcies. She used to do real estate appraisals, but debt collection is where the jobs are these days.

Best of luck in your ventures!

FinsRule Nov 09, 2012

My wife does the exact same job.

I hear a lot of sad stories.

Good luck.

Buzzard Nov 09, 2012

Broken legs are an urban myth. Your boss can not buy his mistress a Cadillac with a broken leg. Bookies had a very cruel punishment for degenerate gamblers. they cut off their action with everybody. And so called legal collectors are responsible for the term " sewer

service". And the old con, " Well, since you have agreed to a payment plan, there is no need to show up in court. " And the always

popular " Just give us post dated checks and everything will be okay ". Checks will be cashed in a heartbeat LOL

But seriously, congrats on new job.

100xOdds Nov 09, 2012

Sends Teddy a drop dead letter


now you cant touch me.. nah nah nah

at least w/o spending some actual $ to come after me :)

dlevinelaw Nov 10, 2012

Congrats on the new job. The legal job market for new attorneys is dismal so it is great that you got your foot in the door!

teddys Nov 11, 2012

Thanks, everybody. Yes, it is a low-end job but it is a start. If anything, it will motivate me more to get an attorney position :)


Thankfully, I don't have to deal with the collection calls or the settlement negotiations (besides memorializing the settlement). That's the collectors' job. Yes, it is not hard to tell us to go "pound sand" or some such. The best-case scenario for us is a settlement; default judgements are hard to enforce and very expensive. Best thing for the debtor to do is outrun the statute of limitations or move somewhere where we can't serve them with process. Easier than you might think :)


I don't have much compassion for these people. Yes, the credit card companies are somewhat slimy for hooking people with these promotional rates, and then jacking up the rates, but you still have to take personal responsibility for your actions...

djatc Mar 30, 2013

Congrats! Thanks for the information through the PM about comps. I'm moving to Vegas in a few months for school, so by then hopefully you can let me know of all the cool places to live eat and gamble.