Posted by onenickelmiracle
Dec 02, 2016

An iPhone doesn't mean we've made it

Big deal, we have phones like Star Trek, they say all the jobs will be eliminated, etc., like the Human race has solved all the problems. Ok, you can go to Wikipedia, learn what you need, a robot makes your clothes, and your car, drives you around. You have the perfect girlfriend though, because you designed her and she's a perfect fit.

Mars is the hot spot for vacation this year. Take the space elevator up, then hop a ride. This is where the problem is, we are getting good at the basics, but then we're stuck. Nobody has this stuff figured out, I don't even think we're close. No clue how to make the materials strong enough for a space elevator, no clue what rockets may actually pose to the Earth itself, way down the road.

This is all if life inside virtual reality isnt so much better, we just give up on the real world. Another futuristic prediction, in 20 years, virtual reality will be so good, just like now, you won't be able to tell if reality itself is real, all there is, with a deeper level. You might even forget you're inside it.

I hate to say it, but we're still just the same as any other flying monkeys. We have not made it, we have just begun. My fear is we will never make it out of this blue jungle, because there isn't so much scarcity out there past the moon. Without the scarcity of resources, power will come from other means of control, if it even can be. When we have everything, what will drive us. We're still just damn dirty apes, with hierarchies to worship, and to control us. If we can even get there, remember just because you have a smartphone, doesn't mean we've made it.


odiousgambit Dec 03, 2016

My sole idea for a science fiction book is a future where virtual reality takes over for people in everyday life, and we ditch real reality. But you have to be well-to-do, so poor people still flit around. They appear as shadows in your helmet device when you have to deal with them.

This came to me in a dream after spending a day with my car GPS. As it shows your car, the terrain is shown too, so it is a simple version of virtual reality I guess.

onenickelmiracle Dec 04, 2016

I've "studied" quite a bit about this. Anything having to do with multiverse, hologram universe, simulation universe, whatever, I've read and seen everything.

This blows my mind, the Ziph mystery blow my mind. To me, it suggests either our consciousness or world is programmed. It's just too, programmed and nom-random. Check out vsauce on YouTube for this.

Reality isn't as it seems, such a big theme in science fiction now. Westworld, The Matrix, Inception, Buying Time, on and on. Even the Divergent series, where they peel away their reality and find another. The virtual reality reality, some believe, being in a time on the precipice of virtual reality is so unlikely, it's more likely not reality. A universe with a few billion year life span, and catching that moment, unlikely.

It's just the internet and technology make people believe everything is so good, we're masters of reality, rulers of every problem, but we're still in the dark. There is a rule, the more you learn, you learn there is always more than you don't know than what you do know.

Just as the observable universe, which Is farther than we can ever travel, is only a sliver of what exists. It's like an amoeba in a bottle, in the ocean.

Sounds like your idea is like Pokemon Go. The Talisman by Steven King was kind of similar, with overlapping realities. Learned in a dream, can't laugh,done that, as they're intended after all.

I had a dream like that where I dreamed there was a group that literally knew everything, and they were after me because I knew that they knew everythin. Your heart rate, your thoughts, your location, your interactions, your thoughts. My rationale after waking, they would want to hide this ability and never admit it. By admitting it, they lose power and by defending it, they risk it being proven. Basically their best strategy is playing dumb.