Posted by onenickelmiracle
Nov 28, 2018

Stupid ways to get and not get a traffic ticket

I knew there was photo enforcement for speed on a highway, so I braked hard to go under a 10 mph tolerance. The city has a fake construction zone, I can only guess to double these so-called fines. On that, there was a land slide on a hill side, they haven't done anything about it for 6 months. While there is no danger in my opinion, this construction zone was removed then, returned after a few weeks. Conveniently, it appears just as the speed limit decreases.

So I saw it, lowered my speed, then turned on the cruise control to steady. Only I didn't. I was driving a car I normally don't drive, so I made a mistake and actually hit the resume button and the car revved up from 55 mph to 65 mph before I had noticed. I assume I'll get a ticket for that one, unless the policeman stopped paying attention after I braked and passed him where he was parked beside the road in a trap. I'm so mad at myself for such a stupid mistake.

I accidentally found a way to get out of traffic tickets! The clue ABD. Always be drinking. As long as you're not really drunk, the policeman likes to trump up his observations of you, saying things like you're slurring you're words, etc. Once you go through the rigmorale, he doesn't want a record of him being overly suspicious of you when your blood alcohol content is a quarter of the legal limit. You get let go with a warning on the speed or whatever. This has worked a few times, of course I'm not usually pulled over as often when I'm completely sober in the first place.


odiousgambit Nov 29, 2018

ABD! that's good, gotta love it

I'm not sure you can count on him caring about "a record of him being overly suspicious" though. But maybe you can "train him" , get him to the point where he sees your car and thinks " oh it's that guy who is always under the limit" and not worth his time - unless there is evidence you are really driving badly. YOu can be sure he's looking for that.

A little tongue in cheek for me up above, maybe you too. But there's a thing going around about how you should always refuse the "field sobriety test" , see link. Not just the walk and talk test but also the breathalyzer. Sometimes unsaid is "if you think you might have had too much". Seems to me you want to take it if you just had a drink or two at dinner or somesuch. In *your* theorizing, definitely take it then!!

onenickelmiracle Dec 16, 2018

I remember one thing I didn't like about being pulled over. The cop asked me if I felt impaired. Of course I'm going to say no to that question, I'm not an idiot.

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May 08, 2017

Baby steps

In the battle of smoking, I have come to a conclusion I need to right now how to not smoke while at the casino. Easy to do for a couple hours with a nicotine lozenge, tough when there a long time. I smoke too much when I gamble, so it's a good place to start, and I've always known excessive smoking has had an negative affect on my thinking while at the casino, degrading my focus, pacifying me from results of lost focus.

The general idea is to stretch these short periods of not smoking larger until they can fill a day, days. Problem is when I'm there a long time, I know I'll feel I have to give in, and when I do, I'll just pop another lozenge in and try going again. Even in a six hour period a few smokes is quite a reduction. I just dont want to smoke half packs and more anymore while at a casino. It is really hard to switch back and forth, once a smoke is lit. One little problem with the lozenges, they can cause heartburn after awhile, which is unpleasant and not a factor when smoking. It's tough not thinking about the heart burn as you reach for a lozenge. Sometimes it's like saying you want heart burn as you put them in your mouth. Kind of sucks the consequences of the plans that work against your wishes. The side effects of the alternatives can really lay stumbling blocks.


onenickelmiracle May 09, 2017

I've been holding on three trips to the casino, third or fourth today. When I'm not smoking, I dont even feel like gambling as much, no feelings to chase losses or even to start them to begin with. Always have felt like smoking onm and nonsmoking onm are two different people. The smoking one just says **ck it to everything and the nonsmoking onm is more practical, more logical, less moody, more self aware.

I'm leaving early just to smoke perhaps but I know when there's no reason to be in the casino and just leave.


Another day, no smoking, which means I saved about $3-6 at least just by cost. 4.5 hours, no problem just waited out the clock until the drawings were over. Smoked as soon as I left the property, and tend to have make up smokes after short term cessation. So be it, it is I. Not going to worry about this anymore, I can beat this one area of my life where I smoke too much. I'm not sure I could handle an overnight stay or a 10 hour stay, but I could. Will not update every day, just assume I've done it.

onenickelmiracle May 18, 2017

It's not really working, I made it a few times but lately 50/50. Still when I smoke, less than I would have. I'm afraid I'm making up for the hours not smoking, always have. One or two a visit was allowable in the original plan, but I didn't want to take the option.

FleaStiff May 20, 2017

Smoking ang gambling is akin to smoking and drinking. Its something to do in a bar while you are sitting there waiting for Miss Right (or Miss Right-Now) to show up. A social distraction from gulping your booze. An acquired habit.

But look at the real health consequences. Oh not just the emphesima crap, the financial expense and that sort of stuff. Look at the immediate effect on blood oxygen levels of your inhaling some lead and lots of carbon monoxide and well as a few molecutes of insecticide.

Do you really need that mental impairment when its YOUR money on the table. I can understand your wanting to light up a cigarette if you were WATCHING a craps game but what the heck do you want to impair your reasoning skills when its your money that is in that game. The casino wants to ply you with liquor for a reason you know. Its for the casino's financial health, not yours.

Now whatever Punnet square you've got, deal with it. Those genes may or may not have a Thrill Seeking Component that involves fast cars, fast women, fast nicotine fixes. However, deal with that sort of stuff OUTSIDE the casino. Inside the casino you focus on your bankroll and not on distractions.

Get over your nictotine addiction. That means no cigarettes, no lozenges, no song, no dance, no hem, no haw. Just quit and start focusing on your bankroll without having to deal with a clouded brain.

onenickelmiracle May 20, 2017

I did smoke a little at the casino today, but a lot when I got home. Didn't use any lozenges, but felt like the times I did, have helped to open the door to being used to not smoking in the casino. I was there four hours and smoked two before the Preakness and three afterwards. Played three spins on slots, unfortunately was possibly EV, but I didn't care to gamble. Lozenges are absolutely fine, no shame using them at all, because if I took that attitude like I'm legend, I'd never get where I need to get. Baby steps, baby steps to the door, baby steps out of the office, baby steps to the elevator. I joke about What about Bob, but unfortunately that movie and Groundhogs Day, and Stranger than Fiction were too close to home I realize now.

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Feb 04, 2017

Wish I could quit smoking

It's very hard. I only could once for three months 13 years ago with the patch. Could only use the patch for two months before I had an allergic reaction on my skin with a rash. I just love smoking, it's my crutch, really the only thing I really care about. It feels like I made a deal with the devil, giving my soul, for nothing in return.

I dont like the cost, dont like my lack of control, don't like my health problems smoking gave me. I cannot cope without smoking. It gives me comfort and hope believe it or not. The mornings are the hardest. Always feel like plenty of time, just a few more. I flash back constantly to my troubled teen years when I quit for a few days, right back to when I started. I start thinking about my life then when I really never do all these years. Feel like smoking blocks my memories. It's weird.

You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.

No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking

Racing around to come up behind you again.

The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older,

Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.


OnceDear Feb 05, 2017

Love that song. My second favourite last verse to

I once bought my friend this book because I feared for his health. He smoked in spite of frequent chest problems. Maybe my concern helped, because he had given up after 4 months. He was pretty grateful.

Sadly he passed away two years later with cirrhosis. Maybe I should have bought him


Have you tried switching to vaping?

onenickelmiracle Feb 05, 2017

Can't even go one day or half day without giving in. Made it four hours, maybe five, and in the face of disappointment, I gave in. I suffered so the whole time, like a damn overflowing and breaking.

I haven't vaped, but maybe I will. Kind of leery spending $60 and not liking it enough to not smoke.

BTLWI Feb 06, 2017

I started smoking in 1992 - Marlboro Light 100's (what can I say, a gay friend in the Army got me hooked) but quickly switched to Marlboro Red's. After 2002 I was up to more than a pack a day - buy a carton every Saturday - and a 2 pack day wasn't shocking but also wasn't the norm. In October 2008 I tried vaping. I enjoyed it so much - you can get some very tasty juice flavors - that I smoked my last regular cigarette 3 days later. Within the first few weeks of vaping I noticed a decent change in my lungs. It was pretty great. Then about my fifth week into vaping it was a Sunday afternoon and I'd noticed that I hadn't even vaped yet that day. I decided to see how long I could go without vaping. It's been a little over 8 years and counting now. It was surprising because I really really enjoyed vaping and all of my juices contained nicotine.

Even 2 years in I would still get some very random "Oh, a cig would be nice right now" urges out of the blue maybe 3 times a year. Those urges go away pretty quickly though, like less than 15 seconds once you tell yourself "F that" to the idea. And I completely stopped having them after about 3 years of quitting. Now I'm pretty much one of those people that get repulsed by the smell.

In 2009 I got to watch my Mom be put on portable oxygen at age 56 (40 years of smoking). And in 2013 I got to watch her pass away from COPD/Emphysema at age 60.

Smoking is like constantly exposing your money against a house edge. Close to zero upside and 100% downside if you go at it long enough.

BleedingChipsSlowly Feb 07, 2017

It was easy for me to give up smoking. I did it more than a dozen times. ;-) Seriously, it took me about three months to break the physical addiction and about a year and a half to overcome the psychological addiction. Failures were most often situational. Going ashore with buddies on payday to drink beer and shoot stick at waterfront bars almost always melted my resolve. Eventually I succeeded, so keep trying and don't give up hope. I still have the memories of how good that first cigarette tasted with morning coffee, but I haven't gone back to that for thirty years. Best of luck.

odiousgambit Feb 09, 2017

>a deal with the devil, giving my soul, for nothing in return

a real nasty wisecrack response to this that I've heard is "old Nick didn't get much of a deal either" ... what that means is obvious, I think! and nasty! sorry

I was able to quit after switching to snuff - not the only reason I could quit, but it helped. And then I quit the snuff too. Like the other posts say, it seems important to just get away from the cigarettes, so maybe vaping will work too. I convinced myself I liked the snuff better, that it had what I really wanted, lots of nicotine. It was easy for me to despise cigarettes after getting off them, that they really taste like shit. There is always risk that you will stay hooked to the vaping* but if you don't switch away from the cigs there may be no hope.

I can occassionally smoke a cigar or even use snuff some now, without going back to the habitual use thing.

*or something like snuff, however vaping these days has to be the thing

lilredrooster Feb 17, 2017

I quit smoking many years ago. I had chest pain and coughing and the price was rapidly going up. I quit cold turkey. I think my experience was pretty common. The first 2 weeks were very hard. After 2 weeks I didn't miss them at all. One time 6 months later I broke down and bought a pack. The cig tasted horrible. I couldn't believe that I had smoked for all those years. For many years now I've had no urge at all to smoke.

Nathan Feb 22, 2017

Rudy Huxtable said it best. "You know, smoking isn't good for you! It makes your breath stink, your lungs dirty, and then you die! None of my friends smoke!"

onenickelmiracle Mar 14, 2017

This might be bad, because I'm trying the same way I've been trying in the past, putting a nicotine patch on halfway through the day. This means I'm in for vivid nightmares tonight, and I'll have to put a new one on when I wake up in the morning. It's so easy to smoke in the morning, just feels like indulging, which is satisfying putting off the cessation. I want to have a long term quit goal, but I wont, a day and a half is quite a hill already. I'll go for 4 counting today, starting at 4:26 PM EST. I have 4 patches in stock, main reason.

Gave in after 5 hours. I'm probably going to have to try Chantix. If I can't make it with that, big trouble.

Nathan Mar 15, 2017

Stay strong, ONM. You can beat your smoking habit. I wish you good luck on the Chantix medication and good luck in quitting smoking for good.

If you more anti smoking help, look at the downright creepy and slightly scary Tobacco Free Florida ads on YouTube, especially Terrie ads. She ended up losing her beautiful hair to lung cancer she got from smoking, ended up having to speak through her throat and looked REALLY OLD for her age. She was in her 50's and looked 70.

Then she died at the very young age of 53. Her final ads before she died had her looking sad and haunted and her last one right before she died was extremely disturbing. She looked like an alien and the look on her face clearly said,"I'm going to die soon. It's too late for me, but it may not be too late for you. Please don't start smoking and quit right now if you have already started. A message saying something like,"Terrie died at 53." flashed at the very end, making her pained, haunted, regretful, remorseful expression even more disturbing.

AnGurman12 May 10, 2017

I once also a smoker and i really got addicted. but i manage to past throught with help of my girlfriend.. just stay postive and find something to get busy on and you can forget about smoking....

onenickelmiracle May 26, 2017

Five hours, no smoke, back on track. Haven't made it to the next level, but exercising hoping exhaustion will be motivation.

hammer1844 Jun 14, 2017

I have had a "double success" in stopping smoking, meaning 2 times. In 1981 I quit for 15 years, then smoked for 8, now I've quit for about another 15 years and am more strengthened than ever against this nasty habit that usually results in the agonizing, untimely death of the smoker. So it's really a divided success. I first succeeded in using a Five-Day Stop Smoking Plan advocated by my church. It is my fault that I do not have a continuous 37 year success rate at present. If you would like that link please let me know--I'm unsure of pasting links on these forums--if it's allowable. That link could result in many more lifestyle successes, aside from just quitting cigarettes.

I can honestly say that every day of non-smoking is a beautiful thing--without cravings, w/o stinking up my breath, my clothes, hair, and everything in my home, car, etc. For me, kissing a woman who smokes would be likened to kissing an ashtray!I simply don't do it. I believe it is simply a day-to-day endeavor, perhaps not even looking at the long term, even though that is the goal. Casinos seem to do an excellent job of ventilating the smoke, unless one is sitting next to a smoker (s) in a direct line of fire.

Part of a new, non-smoking lifestyle, should include places, people, and things that do not involve smoking, if possible. Do positive things to replace times spent smoking. Alcohol and coffee are triggers, as are spicy foods. Nicotine cravings are essentially a psychological addiction--and not a physical one, therefore I avoided the patch and other similar methods. It appears to me to prolong the ultimate success, or even interfere with it. However, if that would work for others, then you may want to try it. Please avoid hypnotism because that could open the way for more serious problems--in view of giving control of your mind to another person.

I hope that you do not give up the efforts and thinking on this--success can happen for anyone who steps forward one day at a time. I firmly believe that any comfort, or hope, (as you say) from a smoking habit is a deception--I believe the opposite is true--no real comfort, only a fear for the future of an agonizing, very painful, premature death while paying good money at the same time--it's simply not anywhere near worth it; a high price to pay for a worthless habit.

I wish you much success and a better quality of life if you decide to quit.


Posted by onenickelmiracle
Dec 21, 2016

First online bonus attempt

Set up the account, made the deposit, making the bets, then will bet the bonus money. It's horseracing. Wasn't sure what strategy to take, but knew it really doesn't matter as long as the bets I make qualify. I pretty much watch TVG then make my decisions based on whatever information I can get. Have to phone in my bets, because I have a windows phone, site doesn't work, and can't get the app. Luckily for me, these bets count per the terms, and normally don't with other offers.

My strategy initially was to bet place on a contender, and keep playing, them. Ain't nobody got time for that, so I wound up betting win and place. Sometimes just place, depends on the race and how I feel. I'm not supposed to bet exactas and long shots, but I made a few small bets as so. SS Illuminati, had to bet just for the name, at like 4-1, and it placed for a credit. Passed on Bingo Bango Bongo at 30-1, thought about it placing $5 place, but passed and it placed. $50 would have been a good win, but it doesn't matter. Bingo bango bongo is so me, definitely something I'd say, but dumb idea. All bets might be all the same when you just want action, but those are hard to make.

Little Lucille, feel like my little experience paid off with her. She was rude to her escort horse trying to get rid of it, when it's supposed to calm her down. Got on the phone toute suite, thinking at 2-1, a worthy bet by demonstrating so much vigor. I was pleased seeing she knocked her rider off in the gate, though was kind of worried either an injury to her or the jockey might hurt my bet. It didn't. He got back on, it was not looking good, then that little spitfire killed it on the final stretch. Still, even though, I saw signs I liked, I only bet $5/$5 on her, because I'm working on the bonus, and truthfully, want an end result Im satisfied with. Guess I'm not super convinced what that spunk is worth. It was good enough to just motivate me to place a bet. Bet $10 to win $19 total, not trying to change the world.

Last race of the night, thought I only needed to bet $18, so I bet $20. It was the favorite, Texas Flygirl, about even money. One of the guy's last pick in his pick 5 tout, was kind of afraid, because they were still in it, and worried about a jinx. No matter what I do, I'm winning, so all this drama, is just for fun. It all comes out in the wash. That horse looked so good though, I could see why it was such a favorite. It just glowed, so shiny, lean, and muscular, just so healthy looking. She won, but then I realized I hadn't bet enough yet. Wanted to get it done, to speed up the bonus period by 12 hours, but I'll have to wait. Almost there, small loss, but tolerable within what I expected. A win is a win. Even if I win, cash out, I'll probably continue using this in the future, after I exhaust the remaining sites. I know there's a convenient cash out option for me, but I'll have to see how it really works when I'm ready. Wouldn't want to cash out before I get my bonus in case it has to be argued. Taking all my money out would not tilt the scales of decision if I needed the benefit of the doubt, they should think I'm serious.

My only concern is which races are minus pools. No race I bet on was 1/9, so I doubt they were. If I have to bet more because of a mistake, I will, there is time. Noticed in the last race, the show bet paid $2.10, dont know if that's a minus pool, or if it counts if I wasn't a part of it. I'll find out I guess soon.

I didn't bet every race out there either. Maybe I should have, but I wasn't hearing any good info midday. If there was any, last minute and wouldn't have time to call in a bet before they were off. Just race after race, from track to track, no good commentary, nothing to judge. The way I play is analyzing commentary, looking for subconscious attitudes hearing them describe a horse. A weak opinion lowers my confidence, pushing me to a weaker bet or another horse altogether. Sometimes people don't really seem to want to give praise, but then they do. This might be my imagination not really making any difference, but how I like it. It's an art at best, but so much better than wasting time looking at stats and developing a sickness. I also bet impulsively otherwise occasionally when I have nothing, no info, no opinion. That I do not think is helping at all, but usually bet smaller the dumber the bet. Just small change.


onenickelmiracle Dec 22, 2016

Got the last bets in, hadn't had a confirmation yet my bets all qualified, so kept betting after qualifying and kept losing. It's not fun losing a few races in a row, but I could afford it without a bonus. I have a desire to keep betting, but I'm going to have to stop and wait the two or three days until my bonus kicks in. I'll have to be careful with the temptation of money in my account in the future. Couldn't stop writing this without making one more bet. To win, I'm steaming. Might cash out before my bonus kicks in to protect myself.

Sweet Ella for the win at Gulfstream, $8 win bet, 2-1, score, waiting for it to be official. That horse just looked good. Ah, yes, it is. $6.80*4=$27.20. I'd have done so much better during this run never betting exactas. Know they're dumb, but they're appealing. For me, they're just like pure guessing though placing the second horse and I usually box, because I'm never sure enough to withstand the regret of missing out.

onenickelmiracle Dec 23, 2016

Wow, have to stop chasing exactas. Have lost every exacta bet. Doing well judging these tout picks, results good knowing when to believe them and when not to, but because of my exactas, will just meet expectations. Exactas have a higher takeout, so maybe not, but not a good bet relatively.

Good example today, man on TVG says 6,7 race 7 @Laurel and 6,7 race 8 double bet. Then he says he meant 5,7, not really believing him on race 8. Bet 6,7 race 7 win and place, they both finished top 2. Bet 4 horse to win race 8, it wins, but my exacta 4/6,7 fails to 4/3. Race 8 horse 5 had a last second jockey change, knew that was bad news.

Truth be told, wish I would have not bet race 8 at all, but it was too late. Just something I did before the race, reached for one of my cheaper smokes instead of my Marlboros. Made me think I really didn't like my bets made, subconsciously must have known I was not being so smart, would not succeed most likely.

They credited my bonus two days early, so really impressed. Side note, kind of thinking early races in the day, afternoon, are easier to bet for me. Evening and night, I have more trouble making good decisions. Just a hunch though, feels that way.

onenickelmiracle Dec 23, 2016

Wow, finished my requirements and did not necessarily play smartly all the time. Some races I just bet blindly betting contenders at Woodbine, because of lower takeouts. Good enough, funny how a $32 bet makes me sweat more than slots, video poker, or black jack. Just made me nervous betting so much not being able to see the race. Still zero for everything on exactas, but quit for a long time. I put $100 in a slot hardly worry, but then bet $32 on a race and really felt some pressure. Could just feel my blood pressure pounding and did not like it. Had to put a blanket near the wall out of worry I would lose my temper and hit my head on the wall in a fit. Could just see it happening, but I won. Whew. Boy, had too much coffee.

onenickelmiracle Dec 25, 2016

The company actually treated me right, very courteous applying my bonus two days early. Even though I'm withdrawing a small profit, I will deposit later and do my race betting with them.

lilredrooster Feb 17, 2017

I love it when the chart maker makes an unusually positive comment. They're usually stingy with praise so I take it as being important. My favorite comments are "surged," "full of run," "good energy," and "took command." Also, "at will," and "vanquished foes." Of course, others see the comments and the horse will surely get bet down because of them. But sometimes, especially if they have a strong rival they're not bet down too much.

Posted by onenickelmiracle
Dec 18, 2016

Humiliated by a host

Sweet, wasting all that money getting a tier has benefits. They're offering me a room on NYE. Oh, you need to check my play, that doesn't sound good. I need to check my play mother mother. They never did anything for me yet, great to get an offer, then find out, I have to ask for it. Predatory jackasses. Ran into an old widow I've known well for years, while at another casino, wasting I'd estimate $75,000 a year. She said she drives by this casino, never stopped in. Glad I told her to not bother convincingly, whether this host pulls through or not and will never forget this. I dreaded this rejection and seemed to have gotten my wishes in perfect humiliation. Dissent is brewing strong at that place, it's like Guantanamo for all their regulars. You hear the talk, nothing but pain there. I lost too much, does the casino really have to send a special invitation to make me regret it even more? It sucks. I'm not wanted there and neither is my money is my solution.


onenickelmiracle Dec 19, 2016

Man I was so angry last night, obsessed with anger, obsessed with thinking about the offer and probably not being able to redeem it. Obviously a room in my hometown isn't really that valuable for me, but felt like it was offered, I had earned it, and the casino wasn't being very loyal or valuing my dignity. It just isn't supposed to be based on play, seems like cheating me. A good night's sleep took care of it, but it was hard to get, probably laid in bed five extra hours completely angry, couldn't stop thinking about it.

Boz Dec 20, 2016

So do you think they just sent a lot of mailers out without looking at play first? Or do you think you changed your play patterns that sparked a red flag? Either way, casinos need to do a better job of sticking with offers they make unless they can justify fraud or some other legit reason to deny an offer. Goes to again show that Tier levels are a scam other than the basic benefits because you are only worth your last (or last 3) trips to them.

RogerKint Dec 20, 2016

I love how crimmish this post is. We've all been there and feel yer pain.

onenickelmiracle Dec 21, 2016

Boz, everyone in the top two tiers(160 people) was sent it. My play hadn't changed since the offer was sent. It was pretty nonexistent before it was sent, then actually improved afterwards. You're right about the policies.

Roger, thanks for the support too.

onenickelmiracle Dec 21, 2016

What is crimmish? Dont fully understand the word.

OnceDear Dec 23, 2016

I think in this case, 'Crimmish' might mean in the style of Mickey Crimm. Mickey Crimm was a member here who. i understand was an AP of some colorful character. He did tend to drink somewhat and it affected his effectiveness as an AP and some of his behaviours and posts were 'unfortunate'. Banned from here a few years back.

I could be wrong.

FleaStiff Dec 23, 2016

Hosts and "policies" as an excuse are always a nuisance. The thing to remembr of course is that NYE is indeed special and "offers" no matter how guaranteed should be confirmed, even if you only plan to use the room for DUI avoidance. CONFIRM it. Their computer sends out mailers but they have only "averages" to go on as far as responses are concerned and an "average' response is not relevant to NYE.

Enjoy the champagne.

onenickelmiracle Dec 29, 2016

Yeah I was mad that night. Hate that place. If I ever won the lottery, I'd pay their top tier members $10,000 to go on the self-exclusion list. It'd probably be cheaper offering a $100,000 drawing.