Posted by Nareed
Mar 31, 2010

Welcome to Nareed´s Travel Tips Blog

I like to travel and I've learned some things over time. So I thought I'd set this space to share what I know and trade for other traveling tips. For now just the essential:

As in real estate, travel comes down to three things: preparation, preparation and preparation.

Seriously, the three thigns are 1) Research, 2) Planning and 3) Actual Travel. I'll be discussing each over the next several days.


pacomartin Mar 31, 2010

I know that there are three Mexican airlines that come to McCarran (Aeromexico, Mexicana, and Aviacsa). I am not sure how many American airlines go nonstop to Mexico. I think Westjet goes to tourist destinations.

You periodically hear about marketing Vegas to Latinos. A fairly high 30% of residents of Vegas are latino (still pretty distant behind Los Angeles 48.4%). The RIO casino specifically is said to be marketing at latinos (while Paris markets towards gays). Some of the locals casinos feature bands from Mexico City.

Are you or your friends conscious of specific marketing schemes? Do you think that they should legalize gaming in Mexico? They seem to have some strange laws in Tijuana, where it is legal but not really legal. They have those slot machines that are designed to meet the technical specifications of bingo. Do they have those in DF?