Posted by LimpinN
Feb 06, 2017

Bovada ripping off customers with Super Bowl prop bets

Made a prop bet that Luke Bryan would sing the National Anthem in jeans. Bovada paid the bet shortly after his performance but reversed the position this morning and said he was wearing black jeans not blue and the bet was a loss. They were dark blue jeans but they claim their Sports Book manager's decision is final despite the mountain of photo evidence and articles to the contrary. Anyone else get ripped off in this scam? Would like to know if this was just Bovada or if other "reputable" casinos pulled this?


OnceDear Feb 07, 2017

"The Georgia native wore jeans, a maroon shirt and a black jacket."

"Dressed casually in a pair of denim jeans, black jacket and a graphic T-shirt, "

Even Bovada said "...he was wearing black jeans..."

Was the bet on Blue Jeans, or Jeans?

Zcore13 Feb 07, 2017

They look black to me.

BleedingChipsSlowly Feb 07, 2017

What I could find has the prop bet specifying blue jeans. Most reviews say he wore jeans, no color specified. A few say denim jeans, again with no color specified. BUT The Hollywood Gossip review specifies "Wearing blue jeans and a black jacket over a purple shirt." I can see the color differences in the video embedded in the review. Looks like dark blue jeans to me, the kind you wash t!he first time by themselves because the dye is so strong. The jacket provides a black reference: the jeans are not black. I think you got screwed.

lilredrooster Feb 09, 2017

way too many stories out there about bovada stiffing customers

beachbumbabs Feb 13, 2017

The picture Zcore13 published above, if you zoom it, shows blue jeans without a doubt. Small size they look black, but close up they're definitely dark blue.