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Apr 23, 2017

Day 1: And so it begins...

Today I will be playing slots with semi-close attention, since I frankly have other shit to do ;) Hey, don't judge me for using autospin.

I will be trying out some new ones, to see what's crackin' in the latest slot games. I see there's one called "Hong Kong Tower" and since I have been there, I'll start with that!

First impressions: ooooh, shiny. Very clear and sharp graphics, but who cares am I rite? No betting options other than "total bet", which is fine by me. Let's start with €1 / spin and see what happens. Not especially high volatility so far, but there seems to be a (small) win every couple of spins.

25 spins in and I’ve lost about €18. I don’t really understand the Hong Kong Tower symbols turning in to other symbols – it seems to just happen sometimes for no reason. No wins from it so far. Not a lot of wins over €1 at all, in fact. Biggest so far I think was €3.20.

Scratch that, I just hit €20 as I was typing the last sentence. Still down €20 from the start, though… 60 spins in so far. This slot is a bit boring, but I’ll try to keep going to the bonus game. Down €40 now…

Finally got the bonus! Now we’ll see what this thing goes for. “Wheel of the Sky”, it’s called. It’s a big lottery wheel that’s going absolutely nuts. It landed on 1000 coins (€10) first, then 1500, then 200, then 1000 again, then 2000, then 400. That’s €61 so far and then I hit the other wheel symbol that I guess takes you to a wheel with bigger wins. There I hit a big one instantly and got another €50!

Ok, I kind of like this game now. Btw, after a win, that number is greyed out, but it can be won again. Damn, I got to the third level! Here the wins go from 1000 to 50000 coins. It just keeps spinning and spinning, got a total of €158.50 from the bonus so far. Finally ended on €218.50 from the bonus. Nice!

Now I’m up €173 total and will let the last 19 of my 100 spins go just for the sake of completion. I am anything but not thorough. 😉 9 Spins left… 2 spins left… Last one… Finished on +€169.70. Not too shabby! Moving on to the next slot. 😊


AnGurman12 May 04, 2017

awesomeee bro,,,

matsemilsson123 May 08, 2017