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Feb 25, 2013

Reno 2/22-2/25/13

So we went to Reno this past weekend...
Funny too, because the original plans were to NOT gamble and just pickup our bounce-back and enjoy the room and hottub and free food....lol...isn't it always that way with me?
Friday night we got there around 8pm...on the way into Valet I notice that some acquaintances are there (they always bring their $100k boat with them and park it in the Porte Cochere) They're HUGE degenerate craps players (the only thing they ever say is "Press & Parlay")
So, I told my mom and granma that I would probably play a little $5 craps, beacuse I knew they'd be playing HUGE on the front and they'd get mowed down (So I'd make a little profit while the shark[aka: the house] gobbled up their green and black action)
So we get in and get our luggage put in the rooms (they were in an EastTower 2-room suite; while I've been getting a WestTower jacuzzi suite[single room, but it has a jacuzzi tub])
We got to the casino floor probably about 9pm and sucked out our $350 bounce-back, in a few minutes...after that we walked over to the crap table, and sure enough my degenerate craps players were there...and when I walked up, there was quite a bit of paint on the layout, as well as chips in there rack...so it seemed like they might actually be doing OK...New stick comes in, fresh shooter...so I lay down $5 DP, and single-lay-odds...within the 20 minutes that guy was on the stick, he LITERALLY cleaned them out (there's 2 brothers and 1 friend; and they EACH play $200 outside plus $15+3/4/5 on the PL)...five shooters in a row basically went PSO (Yes, it took 20 minutes to get through five shooters because of the action these guys put out on the felt and how long it takes to place their bets and then CLEAN UP all their bets) What I found funny, is these guys have a NEW pressing strategem' (Usually they'd just press back their winnings on their buy bets...NOW they press that and throw in MORE money to press the REST of their buy bets at the same time!)
So, busted, they left the table, along wiht the other few people that were there...so it was just me left and I promptly cashed out my $50 winnings and left (to which they immediately closed down that table, LOL!) I walked over to their other crap table, where another degenerate player, that I know, was...Now this guy plays $25 or $50 DP along with 6x odds....and strangely enough, THAT table was ice cold! He was raking it in (Which is something I've never seen him do; because the table usually gets red hot when he puts his big $$ on the table [like I said, the sharks will circle the blood in the water]. So anyway, I decided I'd give it a shot on the PASS, came out on a 10 with $5+$5... Syd (let's call the don't player that) decides that his $25+$150 wasn't enough money against that dastardly 10, so he layed an ADDITIONAL $500 "No-10". Sure enough, I told Syd "I'm going to call my shot brotha'; Here it comes 5-2"...BOOM! 5-2 the call! Syd gave me a nice fist bump and the dealers gave me a DIRTY ass look...I honestly didn't even care that I had just lost $10...because Syd just won $350...from that, I switched over to the DP, and since it was just Syd and I at the table at that point, I continued to shoot and MAN...I just went on a TEAR of 7-outs...SIX IN A ROW in fact! While I stuck to just $5+single, Syd was going $25+$150, or $50+300...it kinda went back and forth after that...some people walked up and I passed the dice...and it continued to be 7-outs, but their were numbers in between...in the end, I walked away with the original $50+ that I had came to that table with (The last shooter cleaned me out; making 3 passes in a row!) Same with Syd, he left the same time I did (well, he cashed OUT when I did, but he hung around..he later told me that shooter went on to hit ANOTHER 5 passes...totalling EIGHT PASSES IN A ROW!)
We went to get the $5 Steak&Eggs breakfast special after that, and ended up getting in bed about 2am, lol.

Saturday we got up with really no intentions on playing...however, it's a casino! hahaha
We started off by dropping $250 in $ Bonus Poker (We didn't even hit a fullhouse!) Which pretty much left us hurt and crying...
We decided to GTFO off JANugget and headed over to GSR where we had $100 bounce-back to collect...We sucked it out on 25c 9/7 Double Bonus...we were actually doing quite terrible, counting down the hands (80 hands and cash-out) My mom, granma, and I all took turns playing a few hands...granma had the last leg of it and finally we got a bit of luck and on one of the last hands she hit quad 4's for $100! We played it down to $100 and cashed out (I think we had like $140 when we hit the 4's).
After that, my mom wanted to go play craps, and granma and I went to play a buffalo 1c slot (same one we hit $400 on a few weeks ago) We played through $25 and didn't hit anything...in the same amount of time my mom had lost $25 playing craps...So we kinda walked around a bit and decided to try Caveman Keno (strangely enough, we seem to do well!) Well, as we had hoped, we done well again...we were all three sharing one machine (playing 5c x10 credits) and we hit 6/8 with a x4 multiplier for 2400 nickles! So we cashed out of that, and decided to go try the 25c 9/7 DoubleBonus machine again, since now I was only $25 short of making most of my days losses back...

Quote: Funny side story

GSR only has TWO 25c 9/7 DB machines...and they're in High-Limit and they're the 50-play variety (However, if you only play one-line, then it's no different than just playing regular single-line vP; which is how we do it)
Well, there's also mostly $2 and $5 denom vP in there...so there was a man and woman playing $2 9/6 DDB...and this lady was just LETTING LOOSE! It started off by her hitting AAAA2 and going fucking CRAZY ($4000 jackpot)...no kidding, 5 minutes later...CRAZY again...this time 33334 ($1600)...literally five minutes later...SCREAMING again...ANOTHER 3333A ($1600)...LoL, about 10 minutes after that...not AS loud, but still hollerin'...4444J ($800)...So in the span of 30 minutes, this lady had literally hit $8000 worth of jackpots...basically the equivalent of hitting ONE Royal Flush...

So back to MY OWN playing in High-Limit...we were kinda plunkin along...we put in $100 but only really wanted to play off $25...well, we were slightly passed that at about $63 or so...when my mom belted off and hit AAAA4 for $200! (We all cheered and screamed...but Mrs. Jackpot didn't even so much as look our way, lol)
The really shitty part was...we actually had rolled our $100 we put in, up to $295...but in the quest for that last $5, we lost it down to $225...I was happy though because I had made that additional $25 that I wanted to make, PLUS another $100.
At this point, it was about 6:30 and we knew we had to go back over to JANugget to eat at one of their fancy restaraunts (Orozko's) because we had $100 dining credit to burn up....We got back and cleaned up and got into Orozko's about 7:15, and it was funny...because Adam Carolla was performing at JAN saturday night...and while we were waiting for our table to be ready, he walked past us to go to the bathroom and my mom said "Hey, isn't that Dennis' Son?" When he came back out, I laughed and said "NO! That's Adam Carolla." (He was actually eating at the table across from us, hahaha)
After dinner we just kinda farted around JANugget until 10:30 and then my mom and granma called it a night (we didn't win or lose, we were mostly just standing around the crap table getting drinks, hahah)
Sunday afternoon it was up and breakfast buffet at JAN and then my mom and I decide to play some...we started off at $ 9/6/4500 JoB coin-droppers...put in $100 and ended up doing pretty good, hitting quad deuces for $125 and cashing out at $200...after that we went over to just split the $100 we were up and play keno....I played Multi-Card and she played Caveman...well, she hit 5/6 x4 for $140, while I just kept my head above water on Multi-Card....we ended up cashing out even (well, still +$100) after a few hours..
We had decided we wanted to do GSR's buffet for dinner, cuz we had a 2:1 coupon...but granma said she wanted to stay at JAN and watch the Grammies, so we got her a soup from Noodle Hut and my mom and I went over to GSR...
We decided we'd stop off and play a few minutes before eating...in the 20 minutes we were there...we first started off playing the PL and the shooter made 3 passes...afterwards, we switched over to the DP and it went PSO for 5 shooters! In that short amount of time, we had LITERALL won every bet we made! (+$100 MORE!) So we went and had a good buffet (really just for the fresh Wor WonTon! haha)
We came back over to JAN to pickup granma and headed out by 9:30pm...

So the final stats were...I played a LOT more than I had planned...but I ended up coming home with the money I had planned to get ($350+$100)...
Until next weekend!


odiousgambit Feb 25, 2013

>the original plans were to NOT gamble and just pickup our bounce-back and enjoy the room and hottub and free food

which mental giant thought that was going to happen? [g]

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Jan 29, 2013

More Reno Frolics (1/25-1/28/13)

So I didn't post this sooner because (and I dunno why) I PASSSED out yesterday after work....and I got home at a decent hour (10pm) on sunday, so I'm not exactly sure why I was soo tired...
So friday we got in to Reno as quick as we could, because they were having a big Beer Tasting event at JAnugget (called the "Brew-Haha"). It was actually pretty good...It went from 8pm-about 12am...although we left around 10pm, as we had our fill of beer, lol...the best we got to taste was a Pear Cider Beer...REEEALLLY good (FoxBarrel if anyone's interested in it)
Directly after that, our DD drove us over to GrandSierra where we proceeded to play some dice...lol, WRONG CHOICE! LITERALLY, we tried all three of their tables...not ONE was any good! I got killed to the tune of $500 in less than 30 minutes (and I was just playing $30 buy on the point)
So, we came back to JANugget and went up to our room and got in the Jacuzzi to drown our sorrows, lol.
Saturday AM Kris's relatives were coming up, and I had gotten them a room at Siena (comped) because my host at JANugget wouldn't give me an extra suite this ONE weekend...So they met up with us about 11am on Saturday and we had the brunch buffet at Nugget, then we drove over to CC/SL/Eldo and we walked around the Tri-Plex for a while, then we drove over to Siena to see if the room was ready (it wasn't at 1pm) so we walked across the river to Cal-Neva to let them see the grimey'est joint in town, LOL (only just ahead of the good ole' JANugget, haha)
So by 3, their room was ready and we checked in and they got their luggage in and we headed out to Peppermill and Atlantis to show them around...
At Atlantis Kris and I played a little craps...she had a "long roll" (24 rolls) and we were only playing $3 on the passline! Luckily, one of the high rollers at the table tossed her a green after her roll (she only hit 1 pass, but she hit like ten 10's!)
So after that we headed over to GSR so they could walk through their underground mall and check out the place....
After all the walking all day, we were famished, so we would up back at Siena for dinner (Kris and I had $10 comp each)
They said they were going to call it a night and just hang around the hotel (they're early to bed early to rise type) so they took Kris and I back over to GSR and dropped us off.
I'd say we played at GSR from 7pm-1am Saturday and we started with $25 (I HAD $45, but I lost $20 quickly at Bubble Craps) and I ended with $100 and I was playing CAUUUTIOUSLY (mostly just $5 + $5 odds). The times I'd play a $2 hi-lo, it hit!! Actually, every time Kris was up to shoot, she'd hit me a 12, so I'd get $29 real quick...and her last at bat, she hit BACK TO BACK 12's!
So sunday morning we got up and as usual had the JANugget brunch...
Funny thing though..we went to bed at 1am..perfectly clear...Kris got up at like 9am, COVERED in snow outside...when we got out of the buffet at noon, the snow was all but melted away...
So after brunch, we went over to GSR and hung around, not much really going on...we won $30 on bubble craps, and we WERE going to get their buffet for dinner..but they had a power outage, so you couldn't use comps (argh!!) so we rode back over to JANugget and got their Italian buffet (meh, but it was only $7 off of our comp)
Uneventful ride home at 7pm.

This weekend coming up is Superbowl, yaay..and also 3x points at JANugget on friday...so I have to get there as quick as I can (hopefully by 6pm) so I can put in a good six hours on the machines (hopefully I can do $15k coin-in, in 6 hours)


bigfoot66 Jan 29, 2013

Tim your blog posts are the best brotha'.

rdw4potus Jan 29, 2013

I love these blogs. But you KNOW that when you call it frolicking, I'm picturing you pretty much skipping through Reno;-)

TIMSPEED Jan 29, 2013

My frolicking includes skipping at the crap table, as I lose hundreds, lol...

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Dec 27, 2012

Vegas Christmas '12 Trip Report

So we checked in to The Flamingo on 12/21/12 (Doomsday, LOL) at 10pm.
Checkin went quite quickly actually...
Got in the line for "Total Rewards Members", only took about 5 minutes.
Checked-in got room 17170/17172 (End rooms on the 17th floor, facing north; east corner) and WASN'T required to pay a "Deposit" because I had prepaid (Saved me $200!)
After getting settled in, we walked down and looked at the strip (didn't go anywhere though) and walked next door to Bill's and got the $5 breakfast special (It was actually REALLY good for $5 and came out quickly!)
After that, we went and played Rapid Craps for a bit (which wasn't rapid at all!! lol)
Ended up it was 2am and we walked up to the room and passed out!
Got up Saturday morning and went to Red Rock Canyon...actually, we had the lunch buffet at Red Rock Casino first...decent buffet, but had to wait freakin 30 minutes for it! ARGH!
After Red Rock Canyon, we went to Wal-Mart on Fort Apache so we could get a case of water and I could get a small desk fan (If the hotel room doesn't have a HARD BLOWING A/C I need to use a fan to have air circulation; kinda like white noise)
After Wal-Mart we went to Flamingo to freshen up, and then headed over to MainStreet Station for dinner buffet (2:1 coupons) and a little craps play...
We ended up winning $400 at MSS crap table (my gf rolled 6 passes and the guy next to her rolled 3 passes)
After dinner, we headed back up to Flamingo to crash out.
Sunday morning we got up and headed BACK to MSS for breakfast buffet (yet another 2:1 coupon, AND we got 2 buffets comped the previous night)
After breakfast we drove up to Valley Of Fire State Park (about an hour north of Vegas; DEFINITE must see!)
We also got gas out there for $2.98!!
After Valley of Fire, LOL, we drove BACK to MSS to play a little bit and eat dinner (Another 2:1 coupon FTW!) Ended up losing back $200 of the $400 we were up...
Again, ended up getting back to Flamingo at like 1am, and slept!
Monday morning was moving day, from Flamingo over to Silverton...Checked-In at 12:15pm and then headed over to Orleans to get the lunch buffet (no coupon but was only $8 each, not bad)
After that we went over and rode the Las Vegas MonoRail and stopped in at LVH, Wynn, TI to pickup free signup play..ended up getting $100 out of it all...
Afterwards we went back over to MSS to get the dinner buffet (which we got comped from craps play). Afterwards we of course had to play a little...broke even.
Got back to Silverton at like 1am and called it a night.
Woke up Tuesday (Christmas day) and watched the Stingray Feeding there at Silverton; got a small bite to eat across the street at Jack In The Box.
After that, we went over to Bellagio to look at the Conservatory (Dressed up for Christmas!) It was PACKED!
We wanted to get Christmas Dinner at The Orleans (for $12.99) but when we got there, the line for the buffet was TWO HOURS!! So we drove back over to MSS and asked for another comp to the buffet (which they graciously gave! ANOTHER FOUR FREE!)
I have to say, I LOVE the MSS Buffet! It was a great Christmas Buffet!

I can't wait to go back in February...but the people at MSS are really being dicks! I got a mailer for 2 free nights in Feb, but my MOM (who we put all the play on this trip and got all the comps) can't get SQUAT! The host at MSS told her "casino rate" was the same rate as I found online WITHOUT a club card!
I've STILL gotta see the new Mirage Volcano and go up on the Eiffel Tower and watch the Belaggio water show.


Buzzard Dec 27, 2012

" I've STILL gotta see the new Mirage Volcano and go up on the Eiffel Tower and watch the Belaggio water show."

Always good to have goals in life.

Wizard Dec 28, 2012

Don't you mean the TARGET on Fort Apache?

TIMSPEED Dec 28, 2012

Target...Wal-Mart..same difference! lol.

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Nov 07, 2012

New Blog Location / New Blog

So I switched over my Blog Location so more people could enjoy my crazy gambling trips...

Now it'll include pics/vids

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Oct 29, 2012

Reno for Halloween! (10/26-10/28)

So I see I haven't posted a blog in a while...but alas I have still been going to Reno...just same ole shit really...
I'll just recap this weekend, since it was halloween parties..
Friday we got there and sucked out our $400 freeplay (It's all slot-play now; so we just play video poker in quarters)
Hit dealt quad 10's ($31.25), then stepped it up to 10-quarters and got quad 5's ($62.50) then went back to 5-quarters and damnit, hit quad aces ($100)
We called it an early night friday, since Kris and I had the usual Jacuzzi Tub suite.
Saturday morning we got up and had the breakfast buffet at JANugget, then just kinda messed around there because we were going to go over to a VIP Halloween Party put on by Silver Legacy.
And by messed around, I mean dropped $300 back to JANugget, LOL. (I played $200 at 50c denom, then switched up for $100 at $1 denom...NOTHING!!)
So we all got dressed up for the party (Kris was a french maid and I was a 17th century French Serial Killer; Fantomas)...It was actually a pretty nice spread over at Silver Legacy...a lot of older people (it was a "Casino Invited Guests" party), not crowded at all, and the dinner buffet they had for us was pretty good (good prime rib)
So we had the Giants game on GameCast and saw that the giants won Game-3 Saturday night, so we were pretty happy about that.
Came back to JANugget about 9pm and walked around to see/show off our costumes.
I forgot entirely what happened, but in the end we played out the last $100 of the freeplay and didn't hit squat.
We called it a night around 2am and had a soak in the jacuzzi tub (yaaay for balla' status)
Sunday we got up at like 10am and had the breakfast buffet again...but in waiting for my mom/granma to come down to the buffet, Kris and I had hit Quad Aces on SuperTimesPay with an 8x multiplier! (Only 5c and Bonus Poker, unfortunately) But that put us up about $200, yaay
So after the buffet, we went over to Eldorado to play Shoot-to-Win (bubble) craps.
We played for about 6 hours on the $200 (there were four of us)...had the buffet at Eldorado for Dinner.
After dinner, we came back over to Nugget to watch the rest of Game-4...GIANTS WIN!!
We didn't get home until 1:30am (argh!) but it was definitely worth it to see the Giants SWEEP THE SERIES!!!
Next weekend is Dana Carvey at Nugget, and I think I'm going to go on a craps binge, lol (I told Kris already, and I said I'd play $300 either way, win $300 or lose $300, playing for TIME ON TABLE, haha)

Also, and interesting sidenote...it's been REALLY DEAD in Reno for the past couple weekends! Saturday night there was only 2 tables going at Eldorado (usually 3 and FULL) and sunday there was NO action (1 table open). Of course, Nugget is always dead...


1BB Oct 29, 2012

I always enjoy your blogs Tim. Have you thought of making a reality show? I'll bet it would be good!

TIMSPEED Oct 30, 2012

Lol, I actually thought about contacting Shack about being in a reality show...cuz hell, there is every other kind on TV! Why not have one about gambling in Vegas, starring The Wiz...just hard to come up with a script/storyline...

odiousgambit Oct 30, 2012

>I actually thought about contacting Shack about being in a reality show...

If you don't include those one-on-ones with the camera that nauseate me, I might watch [g]

>just hard to come up with a script/storyline...

Another problem. It seems all are scripted, with phoney crises included for each episode. If someone comes up with one I probably won't watch [unless you and the Wizard do it, of course]