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There was mention of "Number Craps" in another thread, essentially picking a number 0001 thru 1920 and using it to pick a Craps outcome. However what if you used numbers like Craps, it got me thinking and here is the game I've come up with.

The game uses four digits numbers "0000" thru "9999" and looks at the digits. If the number contains a "7" then it is a "Seven"; otherwise it contains four seperate digits (which may have duplicates).

Summary - it's like Craps, if your first roll has a "7" you win, if not remember all the digits you rolled, reroll until either you roll them all again, or you lose when seeing a "7".

(i) Each roll consists of picking a four digit number "0000" thru "9999".
(ii) Each roll that does not contain a "7" will look at the digits chosen rather than the number or total.
(ii) Any roll that does contain a "7" will only consider the "7", either winning on the come out, or losing afterwards.
(iii) On the first "Come Out" roll, if the digit "7" shows then the Player wins.
(iv) If the digit "7" does not show on the come out roll, then the different digits that did come up are remembered.
(v) If a number appeared multiple times (e.g. "1112") you only have to roll the "1" once and "2" once.
(vi) Thus sometimes you will have four numbers to roll, and sometimes fewer.
(vii) The aim is then to keep rolling until all those numbers, in any order, show up before a "7" shows.
(viii) Subject to the above, if you roll more than one number required they all count.
(viii) The player wins if all numbers are re-rolled, and loses if a "7" is rolled beforehand.

The casino is feeling generous, as it wants the House Edge to be similar to Craps, and pays out Evens for all wins, except it pays 10 to 1 if three "7"s or 20 to 1 if four "7"s appear on the Come Out roll.

Mathematically which one would you play.

btw if you did play this, rather than the bonus I think you would prefer to be able to take single "Odds" at favourite rates which would be (N+1) to 1, where N is how many numbers you need to get?

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