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Quote: Liangster600

Ty for clarifying, yes ignoring ties, since tie bets does lose neither banker or player. U r right, it's not like a coin toss since theres no third outcome but similar coz ties doesnt lose. But does it mean if tie comes in between the outcome of coming six coups changes or stays the same? Thx

It changes the probabilities.
Anyway, the interpretation of these probabilities is delicate. « On any independent sequence of six results, how many exhibit this-or-that pattern? »

The answer presents no interest for anyone, neither superstitious gamblers nor rational ones.

If you ask in the spirit to design a pattern-dependent play, then you must have a (wrong) idea that future results are correlated with sequences. Then, these interactions would change the answer, which is based on independence.
If you ask in order to statistically test something, this simple answer requires independent SEQUENCES OF 6, meaning that you must wait for another 6 before making the next observation. It does not answer, for example, the probability of the sequence arising during a shoe.
You should first establish a modelíof the hypothesis you are testing, then use the theory of stochastic series.
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